Update 5.19: Tabs!

Warzone version 5.19 brings a new feature for members: Tabs!

You’re likely already familiar with the concept of tabs from using web browsers. This update brings that feature to the Warzone Unity client so you can open different pages of the Warzone app within tabs. For example, you could have one tab with Warzone Idle, another with a real-time multi-player game you’re playing, another for browsing the forums, another with a private discussion you’re having, another with a multi-day 2v2 game you’re thinking about, etc.

Tabs can be enabled or disabled on the settings menu as long as you’re a a member and using version 5.19 or newer. When enabled, tabs will appear along the top along with a button to create a new tab and a close button on each tab. Tabs can be re-arranged by clicking+dragging them around.

Today, this feature is now available in the Standalone Cient, which is a downloadable version of Warzone for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you’re a member, give it a try and let me know what you think! In the future, I hope to also release this feature to the iOS and Android apps. This feature isn’t needed in the web-based version of the game since you can already use tabs there through your web browser.

Happy Warzoning!

Update 5.18: 100 player games!

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.18.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Mega Games

When creating multi-player Warzone classic games, a new option exists called Mega Games which allows for games to be created with more players than was previously possible. Without Mega Games, Warzone supports up to 40 players per game, but Mega Games can go up to 100 players, with the hope of allowing even more than 100 in the future!

Mega Games work just like normal games with the following exceptions:

  • In order to ensure every player’s territories look different on the map, new colors have been added that have patterns on them, such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, squares, circles, triangles, etc.
  • You must be using version 5.18.0 of the app or higher to create or join a mega game. For this reason, it’s recommended to wait until Feb 11th 2022 or so before starting to make them, since before that the iOS/Android app won’t be updated yet and therefore only web players will be able to join them.
  • Open seats never expire on Mega Games, so the game won’t ever expire from the Open Games list until it fills. The creator of a Mega Game can always start it early by using the Start Game button if they don’t want to wait for it to fill
  • Mega Games automatically use open seats for filling all seats. Therefore, you can’t create a private one
  • Mega Games are automatically advertised on the Multi-Player Dashboard page, so they should get a lot of visibility to help them fill quickly
  • No fixed teams: they must either be an FFA or use random teams
  • No custom scenarios
  • No coin entry fees. Can still have a coin prize
  • No real-time: They must be multi-day.
  • No mods for now
  • They cost coins to create
    • The option for creating a Mega Game is listed on the normal Create Multi-Player Game page, directly below “Invite via code”. This option only appears if you’re using version 5.18.0 of the app or higher and have at least 300 coins.

      Other Changes

      – All: If a game was made from a template, then the template was later changed, and you try to make a copy of that game’s settings, Warzone will now detect this situation and give you the option of copying the game or the template, rather than always copying the template.
      – All: Increased map SVG size limit from 2.5mb to 3.0mb. Increased maximum number of territories from 3500 to 4000.
      – All: Fixed “Finish versus AI” on modded games.
      – Website: Added template names to each season of the seasonal ladder.
      – Android: Fixed a bug with territory links on some devices.
      – Mods: Non-supported colors for buttons now make the button appear gray instead of broken. See wiki for a full list of working colors.

Update 5.17: Income breakdown, finish vs AI, mod expansion

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.17.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Income Breakdown Dialog

When playing a Warzone Classic game, have you ever struggled to understand how your armies per turn are calculated? Now with this update, there’s a small question mark button next to your income that explains everything that goes into the calculation.

This is really useful in in the larger or more complex Warzone games since they and have lots of things that can affecting your income such as sanction cards, army caps, bonus armies from territories, cities, negative bonuses, or mods (which is new, see below).

You can also see how incomes are calculated for other players in a game by clicking on their name in the lower-right players panel and selecting the new Income Breakdown button. This button also respects history, so if you open history to a specific turn and then click it you’ll see how their income was calculated at that point in time.

Finish Versus AI

When a multi-player game finishes with territories intact, such as by a surrender, the end game dialog now has a button to allow finish playing this game out versus AI opponents.

This only works when you and at least one opponent still has territories on the map when the game ends. This usually happens in games that are ended by surrender or boot, but not when a game ends by elimination.

This feature was originally added as a preview in 5.15 for members, but now it’s available for everyone!

Mod Expansion

This update also features the biggest expansion to the Warzone mod framework to date! Lots of new features were added to expand what mods are capable of doing, and mod games with non-members are also now 33% cheaper to create!

If you haven’t experienced Warzone mods before, you can read about what they are on the wiki.

Along with the mod expansion, I’m releasing new mods that take advantage of the new features. Part of the reason for making these mods is to serve as examples to mod developers on how to use the new features, however all the new mods are useful mods in their own right that will appeal to Warzone Classic players. Let’s talk about the new mods first, since I know most people reading this blog post aren’t mod developers.

New mod: Forts

When the Fort Mod is enabled, each player will get the opportunity to build a fort every few turns (configurable by the game creator). After building a fort, an icon will appear on the map on that territory so all players know there is a fort there. Any time your opponent attacks a territory with a fort, the armies in the fort (on that territory) won’t be harmed and the attack will be repelled, and the fort will be destroyed.

New mod: Hybrid Distribution

The Hybrid Distribution Mod allows for a game to mix auto-distribution and manual-distribution. For example, a game could have one territory auto-distributed to all players, and the remainders be picked using the normal picking system.

New mod: Gift Armies 2

The Gift Armies 2 Mod is an upgraded version of the normal Gift Armies Mod. In the normal Gift Armies Mod, armies that another player gifts you are randomly distributed on your territories. In Gift Armies 2, the gifted armies are added to your income to the next turn so that you can place them as you’d normally place any armies. Additionally, Gift Armies 2 makes it easier to select the territory to gift from.

New mod: Random Starting Cities

The Random Starting Cities mod distributes some cities around the map at the start of the game. This is intended to be used with commerce games, since cities have no effect otherwise.

Mod Expansion Details

This section is intended for mod developers. If you’re a coder and have never experimented with Warzone Mods before, check out the mod developers guide to get started. If you are familiar with Warzone mods, read on to know what’s new in this update:

  • Mods can now place icons on territories! These structures will persist and save on the territory. This can be done by the Structures property on TerritoryStanding. This can be done at the game start when standings are directly editable, for example:

    function Server_StartGame(game, standing)
        local structures = {};
        structures[WL.StructureType.ArmyCamp] = 1;
        structures[WL.StructureType.Recipe] = 1;
        structures[WL.StructureType.City] = 5;
        standing.Territories[1].Structures = structures;

    Structures can also be changed mid-game by a GameOrderEvent, for example:

    function Server_AdvanceTurn_Order(game, order, result, skipThisOrder, addNewOrder)
    	local terrID = 1;
    	local structures = game.ServerGame.LatestTurnStanding.Territories[terrID].Structures;
    	if (structures == nil) then structures = {}; end;
    	if (structures[WL.StructureType.ArmyCamp] == nil) then
    		structures[WL.StructureType.ArmyCamp] = 1;
    		structures[WL.StructureType.ArmyCamp] = structures[WL.StructureType.ArmyCamp] + 1;
    	local terrMod = WL.TerritoryModification.Create(terrID);
    	terrMod.SetStructuresOpt = structures;
    	addNewOrder(WL.GameOrderEvent.Create(WL.PlayerID.Neutral, 'Creating an army camp', {}, {terrMod});

    The list of icon types available will be familiar to Warzone Idle players: ArmyCamp, Mine, Smelter, Crafter, Market, ArmyCache, MoneyCache, ResourceCache, MercenaryCamp, Power, Draft, Arena, Hospital, DigSite, Attack, Mortar, Recipe

    See the Fort mod for an example of this in action.

  • Mods can now modify player’s incomes! To do this, use the new 6th parameter to GameOrderEvent and pass a collection of IncomeMod objects. WL.IncomeMod.Create takes four arguments:

    1. Player ID of the player whose income you want to modify
    2. Number of armies you want to add (or pass negative to reduce their income)
    3. A message that will be visible to this player in the Income Breakdown Dialog. Use this to explain why their income is being modified.
    4. Optionally, you can pass a bonus ID as the 4th argument to require these new armies to be only deployed within a single bonus, like in a Local Deployment game. Or if the 2nd argument is negative, this will reduce armies that were required to be deployed to this bonus.

    Here’s an example:

    function Server_AdvanceTurn_End(game, addNewOrder)
    	local incomeMod = WL.IncomeMod.Create(4569, 5, '5 free armies from the ModNameHere mod');
    	addNewOrder(WL.GameOrderEvent.Create(4569, 'Giving away stuff', {}, nil, nil, {incomeMod}));

    See the Gift Armies 2 mod for an example of this in action.

  • Mods can now be notified when players click territories or bonuses on the map! This is useful when you want to prompt the player to pick a territory. Previously, mods would have to pop up a list of territories and require players to click the territory by name. Now, mods can simply instruct the player to click a territory on the map, and the mod will be notified of the player’s next click. Here’s how a mod would use that:

    function Client_PresentMenuUI(rootParent, setMaxSize, setScrollable, game, close)
    	vert = UI.CreateVerticalLayoutGroup(rootParent);
    	TargetTerritoryBtn = UI.CreateButton(vert).SetText("Select source territory...").SetOnClick(TargetTerritoryClicked);
    	TargetTerritoryInstructionLabel = UI.CreateLabel(vert).SetText("");
    function TargetTerritoryClicked()
    	TargetTerritoryInstructionLabel.SetText("Please click on a territory.  If needed, you can move this dialog out of the way.");
    function TerritoryClicked(terrDetails)
    	if (terrDetails == nil) then
    		--The click request was cancelled.   Return to our default state.
    		--Territory was clicked
    		TargetTerritoryInstructionLabel.SetText("Selected territory: " .. terrDetails.Name);

    See the Gift Armies 2 mod or Fort mod for examples of this in action.

  • Mods can now assign territories to players in the Server_StartDistribution hook. See the Hybrid Distribution mod for an example of this in action.
  • Added a function Added WL.IsVersionOrHigher that checks what version of the Warzone client the player is using. It’s necessary to call this before using a feature that was added in this update, since if a player has not updated their app it’s better to give them a message letting them know they need to update than to simply have your mod crash. Here’s an example of how you would use it:
    if (not WL.IsVersionOrHigher or not WL.IsVersionOrHigher("5.17")) then
    	UI.Alert("You must update your app to the latest version to use this mod");

    Since this function doesn’t exist prior to 5.17, the absense of this function is the proper way to know that the version is less than 5.17. That’s why this code snippet needs to have the “not WL.IsVersionOrHigher” condition.

  • Increased the allowed rate of custom messages by 6x. This makes it possible for mods that send custom messages to send many more before hitting the rate limit.
  • Added a new parameter to the “addNewOrder” function in Server_AdvanceTurn_Order that lets you skip your added order if the source order itself gets skipped by another mod. This is important for some mods, such as the medics mod.

Other Changes

– Mods: Reduced the cost of non-members playing in coin games by 33%.
– Website: Fixed bonus links not being clickable in the map designer after editing a bonus.
– Website: Fixed tournament chat messages duplicating when pressing enter multiple times.
– Idle: Pending clan requests are now deleted if a player finishes that level before it’s filled.
– Idle: Fixed market numbers not updating on the main tab when a purchase was made.
– Idle: Fixed update dialog inserting duplicate columns.
– Unity: Fixed errant Reply button on forum list.
– All: Fixed length limit on profile bios.

Update 5.16.1

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.16.1! This blog post describes what’s changes.

Unity Upgrade

Unity is the game engine that powers Warzone’s iOS and Android apps. Once per year, we have to upgrade the major version of Unity which has to has the potential to create bugs or other technical issues. Therefore, this update will roll out slowly to devices. It may take a few weeks for all iOS and Android devices to receive this version.

I’ve tested the app thoroughly but if you see any issues, please report them by going to Help -> Contact -> Report a Bug.

Other Changes

– All: Increased the number of templates available per timeslot in Clan Wars slightly.
– Idle: Added a notification for when artifacts cool down and are ready to use again.
– Idle: Added achievements for new features. These are the last idle achievements for the foreseeable future.
– Unity: Updated Unity version from 2019.4 to 2020.3.
– Unity: Updated map format to use 32-bit index buffers, which fixes the layering issue that some big maps had.
– Classic: Fixed “Finish versus AI” button on games with eliminated players.
– Classic: Fixed “Try again” button when finishing versus AI.
– Website: Removed WebGL web mode.

Update 5.16: Super Ascend

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.16.0! This blog post outlines what’s new.

Super Ascend

Warzone Idle now has a feature called Super Ascend! This is intended for players who are deep into phase 4 advancements.

Super Ascend unlocks 17 new levels and also gives one of four permanent rewards. The new levels can be seen on the main path below Huge Europe, but they can’t be accessed until after you super ascend.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can super ascend, so these rewards can be earned repeatedly.

To qualify for super ascension, you must have spent at least 100k AP on phase 4 advancements. Then you’ll find a new Super Ascend button on the main menu. When super ascending:

  • You lose all advancements and AP
  • You get to keep 2 artifacts of your choosing. All of the rest are lost. This can be upgraded (see below).
  • Your level rewards are reset so you can earn them again
  • Your battle points are reset so you can earn all battle rewards again.
  • You keep your achievements, coins, powers, super camp, clan, and clan rewards.
  • You get one of four permanent rewards, which persist even through future super ascends:

    +25% AP from levels

    Can keep one additional artifact when super ascending

    +20% faster artifact digging

    +100 starting AP after super ascending

Note: Make sure to upgrade all of your devices to 5.16 or newer before super ascending, since playing on older versions after super ascending could erase your super ascend.

Other Changes

– All: When a clan war timeslot has only one template, that template will never be Strategic 2v2.
– Idle: Fixed auto-mortar not being disableable.
– Idle: Hardened Copper Creek Castle’s reward is now an epic artifact, since it can be earned multiple times with super ascend.
– Classic: Fixed the error message that is received when mods have stack overflow bugs.
– Classic: Fixed “Finish versus AI” button on games with eliminated players.
– Classic: Fixed quickmatch coin wager box being checked when both wagers were 0.
– Android: Fixed a bug that could make push notifications not enable properly. You may need to clear storage for the app and re-open it one time after updating to 5.16 if your notifications still don’t work.

Update 5.15: New Quickmatch options & More

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.15.0! This blog post outlines what’s new.

Classic: Quickmatch RT/MD

When configuring which templates you’re willing to play in Quickmatch, you can now set a different set of templates for real-time games versus multi-day games. Each template now has two checkboxes next to it, labelled MD for multi-day and RT for real-time.

Real-time games need to be played in a single sitting, whereas multi-day templates can be played only once per day. Because some templates can result in lengthier games, it may make sense to only enable those templates for multi-day games and not for real-time games.

Classic: Quickmatch Minimum Coins

If you love playing coin games in Quickmatch, you can now set a minimum coin wager. This will ensure Quickmatch only gives you coin games, and only gives you ones as big as you request.

Quickmatch has always tried to maximize the quantity and size of coin games you get, up to the maximum size you enabled. However, now you can force it to always keep waiting until it can make you a game of the coin size you want.

Classic: Finish Versus AI

When a multi-player game finishes with territories intact, such as by a surrender, the end game dialog now has a button to allow finish playing this game out versus AI opponents.

This only works when you and at least one opponent still has territories on the map when the game ends. This usually happens in games that are ended by surrender or boot, but not when a game ends by elimination.

Temporarily, this option is restricted to members for testing, but once all the bugs have been ironed out it will be opened to all.

Idle: Triple/Quadruple Strike fix

The Triple Strike and Quadruple Strike artifacts can take territories at a reduced army count. When upgraded sufficiently, their reduction percentage could exceed 100%, which is supposed to cause you to gain armies when conquering a territory with them. However, due to a bug, hospitals negated this profit and simply made the territories free. Most players were probably not aware that this was a bug, since you’ll almost always own hospitals when using the artifact.

This update fixes the bug, so now the Triple/Quadruple strike artifacts correctly cause you to gain armies when their percentage is over 100% even when hospitals are owned. This gives them a purpose of upgrading beyond 100% as they were intended.

Player Search

The Warzone website now has an option to directly search for players by name! This can be found by selecting Community -> Player Search.

Accessing it this way is much more convenient than the old way of going to Multi Player -> Create Game -> Invite Players -> Search.

In addition, the maximum number of players shown has been tripled.

Other Changes

– All: Added ability to search for private mail threads with a player. Open their profile and click Send Mail then Search.
– All: The slight rating boost that clans get when they get a free win now applies to whenever a player doesn’t get a game as well.
– All: Team templates in Clan Wars now has a note saying that they requires multiple players from the same clan.
– All: The “Join a clan” page now aligns names correctly for clans without an icon.
– Classic: The end game dialog’s buttons are now split onto two rows which helps them fit on small devices.
– Classic: Fixed single player levels sometimes showing the wrong thumbnail on the main menu when a device is offline.
– Classic: Fixed banking boot times not having a cap.
– Idle: When a territory is made visible via a visibility advancement, it now shows the full details of the territory in the bottom inspect panel.
– Idle: Mortars now blink on the map when they are ready to fire.
– Idle: Ascending now requires you abort all levels you have in progress.
– Idle: Fixed Market Visibility upgrade since no level has more than 7 markets, so its cap of 50 didn’t make any sense.
– Idle: Fixed hardened level reward for legendary artifact not awarding achievement until you got another artifact.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made the balloon that appears after completing an arena tell you you got fewer money/armies than you actually got.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made the Time Warp artifact reduce its own cooldown. It still reduces the cooldown of other artifacts and dig sites.
– Idle: Changed 50M money/sec achievement to 25M money/sec to make it easier.
– Idle: All levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 19. Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.
– UJS: Fixed a bug that made clicking “Join a clan” on the chat room then back cause it to not go back.
– Unity: Fixed display of forum posts that used quotes or lists.
– Unity: Fixed a bug when changing the UI scale with a chat room open.

Update 5.14: Tons of new content for Idle

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.14.0! This update brings a ton of new features to Warzone Idle. This blog post describes what’s changed.


While exploring a Warzone Idle level, you can now find Mortars. You can fire the mortar at a neighboring territory to reduce its cost to conquer.

Mortars can miss, though! When firing a mortar, the game will tell you the odds to hit and exactly how many armies it will reduce the territory by.

You’ll only find mortars in levels that you start after upgrading to version 5.14.

Hardened Levels

Several new levels have been added that are harder versions of existing levels. These levels all have special unique rewards, some of which are brand new Idle features.

To avoid spoilers, the new features added for hardened levels are not listed here. Players will have to discover them on their own.

Clan Gifting

It’s now possible for clanmates to gift each other Idle money or armies! This allows those who are further along in a level to help out those who are smaller.

Check out the “Clan Requests” button on the Ore tab to request resources or to fill your clanmates requests. You can only request once every 20 hours. There’s also a new advancement to increase the limits of money/armies you can request.

Level Speed Bonuses

Many levels now have a completion time goal that gives permanent ore production increases as a reward. For example, if you complete Heavy Earth in less than 1 day 3 hours, you’ll get a permanent 30% increase to copper ore production from your mines. Different levels have different ore production bonuses.

New Markets

This update changes the way markets work. Instead of selling items at a fixed cost, they now start off cheap and get more expensive the more you buy from them.

Warzone Wheel Payouts Increased

The Warzone Wheel now pays out more coins than it did before, and has more varied coin rewards. Happy spinning!

Other Changes

– Idle: The ad-watch bonus now has options for ore production, smelter speed, or crafter speed increases.
– Idle: The level list now is a winding path instead of a vertical list.
– Idle: The game now keeps track of your fastest time-to-completion of each level and shows you these numbers on the Level Stats dialog.
– Idle: A few infrequently purchased advancements have had their unlock cost reduced slightly.
– Idle: Changed the way ascension works. Instead of requiring you to defeat every level, you now only have to defeat the last level in order to qualify for ascension. This gives skip level powers and advancements more of a purpose. Ascending also now costs 100 AP.
– Idle: Adjusted tech values. The later techs were made much more powerful.
– Idle: Recipe stats now shows how many of the item you currently have.
– Idle: Army stats now breaks out drafted armies and shows you how many of them came from each portion of the drafting system’s internal calculation.
– Idle: Modifiers that increase the speed of smelters/crafters no longer need to be equipped for the entire duration of the smelt/craft. They now speed it up while equipped and it reverts to the normal speed when unequipped.
– Idle: Coins can now be used to immediately finish a dig or to immediately refresh a cooling down artifact.
– Idle: Changed 100M money/sec achievement to 50M money/sec to make it easier.
– Idle: All levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 17. Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.
– Idle: Re-generated challenge levels.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made autos not fire during idle time.
– Idle: Fixed the text on powers so they don’t say they go to waste if you don’t claim them.
– Idle: Fixed level stats so it doesn’t include empty bonuses in the total count.
– Idle: Fixed “Soldier” typo in tech list.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that could make the auto-smelt advancement pop up a message saying it changed a smelter when it didn’t actually change one.
– All: Fixed a bug that caused an error if you left an empty review for a map.
– All: Fixed “locked maps is null” error.
– All: Fixed sorting of in-app notifications when there was more than one page.
– All: Fixed color of map review voting buttons so they’re visible.
– All: Improved the layout of the “Change notification settings” page so it fits well on small devices.
– Classic: When a patterened color is used, like Blue Diagonals, the orders panel in the top right now shows this pattern.
– Classic: Updated the built-in Small Earth template to match the popular Quickmatch settings.
– Classic: Removed the “Featured Maps” category when browsing maps, since it hadn’t been updated in over ten years.
– Classic: Maximum boot time for real-time games is now 15 minutes.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that caused an error if you blanked the name of a community level while editing it.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that made banked time not get used up on boot.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could make playing a card from the Receive Card Dialog sometimes not play.
– Unity: The top right button glow that indicates when you can join a clan war is now easier to see.
– Unity: Added url support for map of the weeks, map previews, and forum links with offsets.
– Unity: Fixed the color of the word “bye” on tournaments so it’s visible.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that made the two checkboxes on the edit profile page not default to the correct state.
– Website: Removed Flash mode.
– Website: Fixed a bug that made some bonus links in some maps, notably Europe Huge, not center their contents appropriately.
– Website: Raised bonus link text by one pixel which should bring it closer to being centered.
– iOS: Fixed a bug that made push notifications not pop up if they arrived while the app was open.

Guiroma and French Brawl coming to Clan Wars!

Clan Wars have been going strong for two months now! Back in March, Warzone got a new feature that allows clans to engage in competition for rewards like Warzone coins or Warzone Idle boosts. This is unique amongst Warzone’s competitions since all games are played in real-time, unlike most others which are multi-day. To play, you just need to be in a clan and open the Clan Wars page when a timeslot is active, which happens every 4 hours.

Clans are given out territories on a map to signal how successful they are. Here’s what the map looked like for Season 2:

Season 3 has just recently begun. Good luck to all participants!

New Templates

Recently on the forum, the community has been voting on new templates to add to Clan Wars. As decided by you, the winners of this vote are Guiroma and French Brawl!

These templates are being added to the mix immediately. They have a chance at showing up on any timeslot that has three or more templates. The number of templates available to a timeslot is based on how many people participated in that timeslot over the past 10 days.

Update 5.13: App improvements

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.13.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

App Improvements

The iOS/Android app is being updated with a bunch of features that were previously only available on the website at warzone.com. One of my long-term goals is to have feature parity between the app and website. The website launched in 2008, but the apps launched in 2013, so the apps have been playing catch-up ever since.

Recent updates have seen progress towards this goal, such as the adding the ability to create coin games, manage clans, and view achievements.

Today’s update brings us even closer to that goal by implementing a good chunk of the remaining features to the app. While we still haven’t gotten to full feature parity, this is a big step towards it! Here’s the list of features added to the app with this update:

  • Added ability to view games played in common with another player.
  • Added ranked game statistics to the profile pages.
  • Added coin leaderboard statistics to the profile pages.
  • Added ability to edit your profile.
  • Added ability to edit forum posts.
  • Added ability to tell if a forum post was edited.
  • Added ability to view downvoted forum posts.
  • Added ability to rate maps and leave map reviews.
  • Added ability to view map reviews, map descriptions, vote on map reviews, and respond to map reviews.
  • Added ability to add/remove maps from your favorites.

Fog shown on final turn

When playing a Warzone Classic game that ends suddenly, such as by killing the enemy commander, the game now continues to show fog on the map while watching the final turn. This helps preserve the surprise that a commander died on the turn.

Other Changes

– All: CLOTs may now create games using the bomb card or with commanders even if the players being invited are not members.
– All: Clan war timeslots can now have up to 5 templates instead of 4.
– All: A free win in clan wars now gives a slight increase to that clan’s war rating.
– All: Clan war timeslots now announce themselves in global chat.
– All: The in-app notifications page now sorts notifications so the newest ones are on top.
– All: The minimum boot time for multi-day games is now 10 hours.
– All: Fixed a typo in the birthday notification.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that could very rarely cause an error when signing out.
– Website: Profile page styling updated to be in-line with the rest of the site.
– Website: Edit profile page changed to use UJS.
– Website: Fixed a bug that made notification settings look like they didn’t save if you refreshed the page, when in fact they did save.
– Website: Removed the link to the SettingsHighlight page since almost nobody used it. The functionality still remains.
– Website: Removed the Support Warzone bundles.
– Idle: Increased the simulation rate of battles to reduce the effect of activatable artifacts. The actual time it takes to play the battle was not affected, just the amount of simulated time.
– Idle: Fixed auto-sell so it does not sell resources you need for techs.