Website update 2.02.2: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 2.02.2! This update brings a few minor improvements and fixes a few bugs.


– Added clan icons to all ladder pages.
– Added clan icons to the Settings -> Points page.
– The page that lists all of the seasonal ladder’s winners now links to each player’s ladder page and shows clan icons.
– “Re-do orders” is now simply called “Modify orders”. Additionally, the confirmation when clicking re-do has been removed. Back in the day, clicking re-do meant you had to re-enter all of your orders from scratch. Hence why it was called re-do. Later the feature was added that restored your orders so you could make changes and re-commit, but the name was never changed until now.
– When filtering your friends list on the invite page, clans are now matched along with the name. This allows you to search for a clan tag and it will still match players who removed clan tags from their name.
– When “Default to History” is enabled, the player’s won/loss status will no longer be displayed in the bottom right while the game is loading. This eliminates the need for spoilerbars during livestreams.
– Removed the “Don’t show this again” check-box when the game prompts you if you want to attack a teammate. Many players have clicked this by accident without realizing it, and then were really puzzled with why it no longer appeared. If you really want it off, you can turn it off on the Settings tab.
– It’s now possible to remove clan images/icons on their respective upload pages by simply clicking “upload” without giving it a file.
– When saving a template, the game now checks that the template is valid before saving. This fixes an issue where a template could be saved but not loaded (for example, if local deployments was enabled on a map with overlapping bonuses)
– The maximum number of open games that players can make at the same time was reduced. Non-member’s limit was reduced to 1 and member’s limit was reduced to 3. This will hopefully cause less clutter on the Open Games page, as some players were spamming lottery games.
– Fixed bugs with the “Played from X platforms” achievement. If you are missing this achievement even though you’ve played from multiple platforms and you use the “keep me signed in” check-box on the website, try signing out and signing back in to your account on the website. The achievement is checked when you sign in, so if you never actually sign in it won’t be awarded.
– Fixed the “Jump to last page” link in clan forums.
– If you’re in a clan, the “Forums” page now provides a link to your clan’s forum.
– Trying to access a clan discussion you don’t have access to now tells you that you don’t have access to it rather than a generic error message.
– Fixed a bug that appeared for players who had access to the spy card but not the gift card. The UI would show that the gift card could be used when it really couldn’t.
– Fixed a bug that could cause errors when local deployments was used along with sanction cards.
– Entering negative numbers in open seat prerequisites now produces an error message.
– Sharing a game on facebook that was ended by vote no longer defaults the text “I lost”.
– Fixed a bug in Share On Facebook that would sometimes cause it to give errors.
– Fixed Internet Explorer 6 javascript errors.