Season XIII

Congrats to Ruthless Bastard for winning Season XII! The 20 clan has now won 5 seasons!

Season XIII

Season XIII will feature a combination of mechanics used previously. It will combine Local Deployments from the previous season with the randomized bonus values from Season IV. If you aren’t familiar with Season IV, here’s how it works: Each bonus has a 1/3rd chance of giving one fewer army per turn, a 1/3rd chance of being worth one more army per turn, and a 1/3rd chance of remaining unmodified. The zero-bonuses in Japan, Hawaii, Korea and Alaska are not modified and will remain out-of-play.

As an additional wrinkle, this season will also disable card-fog, meaning you can see what cards your opponent has and when and where they play them.

Check out the full settings with this template: multi-player, single-player. However, the randomized bonus feature is a special feature for the seasonal ladder and won’t be present when using this template.

Season XIII will start on Wednesday at midnight GMT (click to see a countdown or this time in your own timezone). Good luck!