Update 3.16: Export a game to YouTube, Strategy Forum, Community Events

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.16.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Export a game to YouTube

WarLight can now make a video out of your games! When a multi-player game finishes, you’ll see a new “Export to YouTube” button.

Here are some samples:


Try it out today by going to past games, picking a game, clicking “Game Summary” in the upper left then “Export to YouTube.”

Strategy Forum

WarLight has a new forum for discussing all things related to WarLight strategy, both single-player and multi-player.

Just another forum? NO! This forum is fundamentally different from the other forums in that the strategy forum is moderated. Volunteers from the community have agreed to help organize this forum to try and increase it’s quality level. Moderators have the ability to hide posts or threads. This will make the thread or post hidden by default for all viewers. Hidden threads and posts can still be viewed by clicking on them, in addition to viewing the reason why it was hidden. Moderators can also change thread subject lines.

This is an experiment to see how well this kind of moderation works on WarLight.

If you’ve been avoiding the WarLight forums due to trolls, I’d like to invite you to give this new forum a chance. Post an idea for strategy you’ve been having, or ask a question about strategy.

Community Events

The Community tab now has a section titled Community Events. This lists WarLight events being run by players in the community.

This list is maintained by ps, so please contact him if you’d like something added or changed. Big thanks to ps and Muli for making this possible!

Other Changes

– If autopilot is used in the first turn of a no-luck cycle game, 30 seconds are automatically added to the player’s commit time. This is visible in the Players panel if you hover over their “first turn speed” cell.
– When creating a new mail thread, added a search box to filter the names, similar to Muli’s user script.
– The Community Levels page now shows wins and attempts.