Ladder Refresh Launch Date & Updates

The previously mentioned ladder refresh now has a planned release date: Tuesday, May 9th! (Tomorrow as of the time of this writing). This will go live along with update 5.24.0, which also contains a bunch of other non-ladder goodies.

It’s important to stress that this is the planned date — if anything goes wrong during deployment it could be delayed. But this is the date I will attempt to launch the new ladder system.

Based on community feedback, the move order of the ladders will stay at cyclic and will not be changed to no-luck, and the announced boot times are increasing by 1 day banked time.

The 1v1 ladder will change its map to Modified Medium Earth Board map, which is functionally identical but just looks prettier.

Each of the ladders will also now have a unique color that can be unlocked by reaching rank #1 (same logic as the trophy award). Once unlocked, the color can be used forever. Past winners of ladders will not get the new unique color, only those who qualify after the refresh.

Season LII of the seasonal ladder will launch within a day or so of the ladder refresh. It will be the first season with the new rewards. The template will be Guiroma. (as picked by Beren as usual.)

Hope you’re excited as I am!

1 thought on “Ladder Refresh Launch Date & Updates”

  1. Hi Fizzer,

    I appreciate that you have decided to increase the banked boot time a little but this still falls far short of what is required for the vast majority of people in the strategy community to take part seriously in the ladders.

    The team ladders in particular will be fairly unplayable at a high level under the current proposal. I plead with you to look at the detailed forum posts people have left on warzone laying out the arguments against this change to the boot timings and consider a significant increase of time on the current proposal..

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