Update 5.23: Tags, show who is online, 3d maps for all, swap picks for all

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.23.0! This update contains a bunch of improvements to the game and website. This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website and the standalone client. The Android/iOS app should receive this update within a week or two.

Tags for maps and mods

Warzone now supports tagging maps and mods. For example, a map could be tagged with #Europe, #Diplomacy, or #INSS. This helps when searching for maps or mods that you want to find since you can now filter them based on these tags, such as to see all Diplomacy maps at once. This replaces the old category system that maps had, since it allows for maps to be in multiple categories at the same time.

The tags for each item can be voted on by the community. When viewing a map or mod, you’ll find a small edit button next to the tags. When editing, you can select up to three tags that you feel best describe the item. Warzone will display the three most-often-voted tags next to that item for everyone to filter on.

Show who is Online

The most-requested item on the Warzone Uservoice Forum is now a reality! When creating multi-player games, a small green circle will be displayed next to players who are currently online in the game.

3d Maps for All

3d maps no longer require a membership and can therefore be used by anyone! You can enable or disable them for your iOS or Android device by visiting the settings and locating the 3d maps button. Most players will also receive a small message asking if they want to try 3d maps.

Swap Picks for all

The “Swap Picks” mod no longer requires a membership and can now be used by everyone for free! This is the first time that a mod has been opened to non-members. This is limited only to when creating a game via the Create Game button (multi-player or single player), and does not apply to other areas like Quickmatch. The Swap Picks mod was chosen for this honor, in part, since it has a very low server impact.

In addition, non-members can now fully access the Change Mods page when making games, which lets them view a full list of all member-only mods as well as view their source code.

Mod UI Improvements

The UI around creating, viewing, and updating mods has received a refresh. It should now all be much more intuitive and easier to understand.

In addition, mod developers can now view performance data related to their mods from the last 30 days, and even get a list of games that are using their mods.

Other Changes

– All: Clan wars now inserts the rating of each clan into the game descriptions.
– Unity: Tweaked army number sizes again to be more in-line with browser when zoomed in.
– Unity: Fixed chat dialog staying open when closing the lobby that opened it.
– Classic: When muting public or team chat for a game, the game no longer shows the chat message in your My Games page at all.
– Classic: When using the “Rematch” button on a game with random teams, the newly created game will now also have random teams.
– Classic: The attack/transfer dialog now takes commanders into account when determining what number to highlight.
– Classic: When creating a new game from an existing game’s settings, you can now directly save those settings as a template without having to make a change first.
– Classic: The clock dialog is now draggable.
– Classic: When making tournaments, your list of templates is now paginated.
– Classic: Fixed the displayed expiration turn for spy cards to be one turn less than what was previously displayed, which is more accurate since cards expire at the beginning of the turn.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when clicking Finish vs AI on a game where a player had a diplomacy card played on them who had no territories by the end of the game.
– Classic: Fixed the yellow highlighted number on games with very low offensive kill ratios when attacking a neutral of 1.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when clicking “Change players” on a team template in single player.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could allow attacking out of a gifted territory.
– Idle: The Level Stats dialog now shows your progress through the level as a percentage.
– Idle: The game now prompts you for confirmation before purchasing rare or epic artifacts.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that would cause errors if army camp discount got above 100%.
– Mods: Added API/GetModPerformance that will dump out performance data for mods you own.
– Mods: Cloning a custom special unit will now maintain that unit as assigned to the original mod.
– Mods: Fixed TerritoryModification so it can’t make negative armies.
– Mods: Fixed an error that could occur by a player without mods unlocked who opened a modded template that had a card piece with 0 weight, 0 minimums, and 0 initial pieces.