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Mega Strategy Pack

The Mega Strategy Pack unlocks tons of new features within Warzone that you can use, such as a dozen types of cards, the ladders, and most of the game settings that Warzone offers. See below for the list of everything it unlocks.

You can create games using these features that include anybody, even other players who haven't unlocked those features. This means you can create games for your friends with all of Warzone's strategic features and everybody can participate (they don't need to purchase it as well.)

This pack does not make you stronger!
The Mega Strategy Pack unlocks new features you can enable when creating games. It does not increase your chances at winning a game. Warzone does not sell additional armies, cards, or anything that would give paying players an advantage over free players. Warzone is fundamentally a competitive strategy game and it's important that free players have the same chances to win as those who contribute.

Mega Strategy Pack gets you:
Full Ladder Access Full access to all ladders, which are competitive arenas where players compete to see who is the best.
One month ad-free Play All advertisements will be disabled for you for 31 days after purchasing this pack.
Create 40 player games You can create games with up to 40 players. This can be any mix of AIs, open seats, or other players.
Cards Can include and configure 12 card types when creating games:
Custom Scenarios Can use custom scenarios when creating multi-player games
Wastelands Can include wastelands when creating games
Multi-Attack Can enable multi attack mode when creating games
Move Order Can set the move order when creating games
Local Deployments Can enable the local deployments setting when creating games
All Fog Levels Can use Dense, Heavy, and Complete fog levels when creating games
Extra Armies for Territories Can use the extra armies for territories setting when creating games
Attack-Only and Transfer-Only Can enable the attack-only and transfer-only settings when creating games
Override Bonuses Can override bonuses when creating games
Kill Rates Can change the offensive and defensive kill rate when creating games
No-Split Mode Can enable no-split mode when creating games
Open Seat Prerequisites Can use Open Seat Prerequisites when creating games
Statistics Window Can use the Statistics Window
Can Join Tournaments You can join an unlimited number of tournaments created by other players.
Can Create Tournaments You can have up to a maximum of 5 active tournaments at a time.


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You don't need a PayPal account to purchase. Simply click the "Pay with your debit or credit card" link on PayPal's page if you don't have an account.

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