Update 5.27: Feature Request Forum

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.27.0! This blog post details everything that changed in this update. This update adds the Feature Request Forum, a new place to request features from Warzone!

This update is live now on the website, and will go live on the standalone apps, Android, and iOS in the coming week or two.

Feature Request Forum

Warzone now has a built-in method for players to request new features! By making a post on this new forum, you’re officially requesting that Warzone add your feature to the game. This can be anything from a major new feature to a small tweak. This is your way to influence what features Fizzer, the game’s creator, works on.

Players can also vote on features you’d most like to see implemented. Players have votes based on their level, with votes unlocking at level 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 62, 64, 66, and a bonus vote for members. You can place up to three votes for any one idea. Votes you cast are tied to your Warzone account and are public, so you can always see who voted on each individual feature request.

This forum is designed to replace the UserVoice site that’s been in place for many years. If you have votes in an item on UserVoice you still care about, you should create it on the Features Request Forum and vote on it there.

See the wiki for more details.

Fizzer AMA on Tuesday

Fizzer, the creator of Warzone, will be doing a livestream on twitch on Tuesday, July 9th! Feel free to pop in and ask any questions you may have, or hang out and learn more about the updates and future plans for Warzone. You can view it at twitch.tv/FizzerWL. It will begin at 11am. Use this link to see the time in your timezone or a countdown.

Other Changes

– All: The previously experimental Combined Player Strings feature is now the default. Also added some space between items when using it.
– Website: When on UJS pages, the browser’s “back” button now properly takes you back to the previous UJS page. Note that the browser’s “forward” button is still not supported in UJS pages.
– Website: On the experimental settings page, added a “keep alive” option that plays a blank wav file on loop whenever a game or socket is open, to prevent browsers from deactivating the tab.
– Website: When in 3d mode, things look less fuzzy and more crisp.
– Website: When in 3d mode, fixed seams that appeared in the background of some map textures.
– Website: The clan wars seasons list are now link-enabled so you can open them in new tabs.
– Website: The magnifying lenses next to player names, such as on a clan page, are now link-enabled so you can open them on new tabs.
– Website: When pressing the enter button on a input field, such as the attack/transfer dialog, it now responds on keyup instead of keydown. This fixes a bug where if you changed your armies immediately before pressing enter, it may not register the army change.
– Website: Fixed a bug that made account-less single-player classic progress not migrate to new account upon creation.
– Unity: Downvoted forum threads are now visible at the bottom, similar to how the website has always worked.
– Classic: Fixed the “AI” icon next to a player name getting stuck in the wrong state.
– Idle: Added a “Sync” button when playing idle on the website, located under your name in the upper right corner.
– Idle: Adjusted values of the active artifacts Discount Mine, Discount Army Camp, and Discount Hospital so that the high end values don’t go over 100% and therefore have meaning.
– Idle: Fixed the artifact swapper swapping in upgrading artifacts.
– Idle: Fixed the artifact swapper not swapping in discount army camps when upgrading super camp.
– Idle: Fixed hospitals showing infinity time to upgrade when reward reduces hospital upgrade time to zero while they’re already upgrading.

5 thoughts on “Update 5.27: Feature Request Forum”

  1. I think your update messed with the “back” button. Now it brings me to the previous page instead of to the map list of all the maps I’m playing simultaneously, I can only play the one I’m currently on with no access to the other 4 maps I’m currently playing. Please change to arrow at left top of the screen back to the way it was so I can access the other maps, thank you for your time

    1. This update did change the back button, but going to the “previous page” sounds like what it should do, so I’m a bit confused by your comment. Can you make a video showing the issue and send it to me at fizzer@warzone.com so I can understand better?

  2. For creating multiplayer games there is issue that has been bugging me for awhile. Whenever I create a custom scenario and put a lot of time into it I sometimes find out I made the mistake before starting the custom scenario to change the Normal Distribution setting to have the amount of armies I want for the neutral territories that will be in the distribution I made in the custom scenario. For example, I made a custom scenario where players can choose their position, then I find out in a test game with AI that the territories in the distribution that didn’t get selected have 2 armies on it when I wanted them to have 0 instead. What I’m asking is to add an option under the custom scenario option to have a way to select the number of armies on neutral territories for your custom scenario. I hope this makes sense and thanks for all you do.

  3. Did you intentionally remove the “hover” feature where you would see how long a Diplo was in effect if you hovered over the letter D? Likewise, with the clan symbol if you hovered over it you would see the clan name for a player?
    Is that a result of that combined player string?

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