Update 4.21: Community level AI switchable, Community Events expanded, Fun Stats

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.21.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is available now on the website. The iOS and Android apps should be updated to this version within a week or two.

Community Levels AI

When making a community level, you now have the option to switch which algorithms will power the AIs in that level. This gives a lot of new options for community level authors to play with to create more fun and exciting levels!

The AI options are:

  • Prod 2.0 Random: This is the AI that was previously used on all levels. This is the default.
  • Prod 2.0: This is the same as the above AI, except that it doesn’t allow randomness to influence its actions at all. This is a great choice if you’re making a puzzle level, where you want predictable AI behavior. This wouldn’t be a great choice in a normal level since a smart player could learn to predict what the AI will do, since there’s no randomness.
  • Prod 1.0: This is the old version of the WarLight AI, originally written in 2009. Likely not a good choice for a level unless you specifically want a dumb AI, or are trying to re-create some of WarLight’s old levels like the insane challenge.
  • Wunderwaffe: An AI written by the player Norman for an AI competition. Tends to be more strategic with its armies and moves than the above options.
  • Cowzow: Another AI written for an AI competition.

To change the AI used in your level, press the new “Change AI Type” button under Change Players:

Community Events Improvements

The Community Events list is getting some improvements! This is a list maintained by ps that links to all events community members are running.

This list now gets its own page, and also allows each community event to enter a description and join requirements. This is all in an effort to make joining community events more streamlined.

If you run a community event on this list, please consider coming up with a short description of your event. Just one sentence is enough.

Also, if your event has requirements to join, such as players being a certain level, being in a clan, or specific signup windows, please detail these requirements.

Send these along with your description to ps

Other Changes

– Website: Added “Fun Stats” page to /Membership and to the drop-out in the top right.
– All: Clicking “Rematch” on an open game will now start a rematch with the same players who played that game.
– All: Made level “Caesar’s Challenge” slightly easier.
– All: Due to recent abuse, 1-coin entry fee games are no longer allowed to be created. Creating a coin game from the Coins/CreateGame page must use at least two coins. It’s still OK to play 1-coin games through Quickmatch.
– All: Fixed an issue with quickmatch that would leave you 0 checked templates if your only checked templates were removed due to their votes. Thanks to Jody for reporting this.
– All: Fixed a bug with AI randomness when it was completely surrounded by neutral territories.
– UJS: Fixed several camera positioning issues that happened when your OS scale was set to a scale other than 100%. Thanks to Pardon for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed a bug that made the Cowzow AI produce incorrect attacks.
– Unity: Updated Unity to 2018.4.22f1
– Unity: Fixed tooltips. Thanks to BuffaloTrace for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed community tab refreshing every activate.
– iOS: Increased quality of loading images. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.
– iOS: Fixed a bug that could cause sides of the screen to be in the wrong position after locking + unlocking phone and rotating the device.

Fun Stats for Members

There’s a new page, called Fun Stats, that shows fun statistics!


It shows:

* Greatest victories: Show your best come-from-behind wins
* Your nemesis: Show the top 10 players that have defeated you most often
* Dominations: Show the top 10 players that you have defeated most often
* Birthday buddies: Show players you’ve played with who started their Warzone account on the same day as you

This page is only available to members, as a way of rewarding those who support the game. Thanks!

What fun statistics about your account would you like to see? Post your suggestions in the forum thread!