Update 3.4: Banking boot clock

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.04.0! This update introduces two new features to make banking boot timers more transparent.

Two Clocks

When playing a real-time game that uses Banking Boot Times, there will now be two clocks in the upper right corner instead of one:

This makes it obvious how much of the remaining time belongs to the fixed portion of each turn versus the time you have stored in your bank. The previous single clock used to simply show these two numbers added together, which made it more difficult to tell if you were consuming banked time versus each turn’s fixed portion.

Player Boot Clocks (experimental)

Also when playing a real-time game that uses Banking Boot Times, a new experimental option is available that will show how much time each player has banked under their name in the lower right hand corner:

If you want to try it out, you can enable it on the Settings tab.

Misc Changes

– MP Dashboard: Forum posts now provide a link directly to the last page, if the thread is on multiple pages.
– MP Dashboard: Flipped the columns so the primary one is on the left.
– Added a footer across the entire site, mostly for SEO purposes.

Update 3.3.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.03.1! This update fixes a few small bugs and makes improvements to the multi-player dashboard page. Here’s what’s changed:

– Added “Active games where you are not eliminated” to My Games filters and MP Dashboard
– MP Dashboard: Added (F5) after the refresh button, to show that it can be activated with F5 as a hotkey.
– MP Dashboard: Moved the refresh button to be above the ad, if ads are enabled.
– MP Dashboard: Shows up to 15 games without clicking +more if on the real-time tab.
– MP Dashboard: Don’t show blog posts older than a month.
– MP Dashboard: Reduced font sizes.
– MP Dashboard: Added links to create game and create coin games pages.
– MP Dashboard: Added a big dot over the boxes for players who haven’t yet taken their turn.
– MP Dashboard: Show the number of “my games” in parenthesis next to it.
– Moved the My Games and Open Games tabs to the right.
– Fixed a bug that caused the information line to be missing from the Open Games tab.
– Fixed a bug when viewing the settings of a single-player game that caused the “Boot/Surrender” header to appear.

Update 3.3: Multi-player dashboard, map of the week

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.03.0! This update adds a new page under the multi-player tab, called the multi-player dashboard, as well as a map-of-the-week feature.

Multi-Player Dashboard

When you click the multi-player tab on WarLight.net, you’ll find there’s now a new page, called the Multi-Player Dashboard. This page shows your games, open games, recent blog/forum posts, and more.

This page is intended to eventually replace the My Games and Open Games tabs. For now, the My Games and Open Games tabs are still available if you want to go back to them, but they will eventually be removed.

This page has a number of improvements over the My Games and Open Games tabs. For example, each game shows icons that help you identify their settings at a glance. For example, games will show a special icon if it uses custom scenarios, wastelands, modified kill rates, multi-attack, local deployments, etc.

Complementing this page is another new page titled Past Games. The Past Games page allows you to browse through all of your games that aren’t shown on the multi-player dashboard. Previously, this was done by changing your My Games filter to “All Games”. Spitting it out into its own page streamlines this process.

The My Games section of this page will inherit the same filter that you were previously using on the My Games page. A new filter was added to support this page, simply titled Default. This new filter shows all games that you are alive in or have unread chat, excluding all games you declined or where the host removed you. A new sort option was also added, which is always used on the multi-player dashboard, called Actionable. The actionable sort puts all games where it’s your turn on the top, followed by games with unread chat.

The new filter and sort are also available on the old My Games page.

Both of these new pages are implemented in html instead of Flash, which means they load much more quickly and can be refreshed with your browser’s refresh button (F5). This is the first time we’ve had non-Flash pages under the multi-player tab, so a few other changes were made to the structure of the tabs to facilitate this. The sub-tabs (the white links under the main top tabs) and the top-right account bar are now implemented in html as well, instead of Flash. This enables the ability to right-click and select “open in a new tab” in many places that were not possible before, such as the sub-tabs and game links.

The multi-player dashboard page has a hidden feature for multi-day players. When you click on any multi-day game where it is your turn, when you finish taking your turn, you’ll see a a “next game” button to take you to the next one in the list. This makes it possible to play your turn in all of your multi-day games without continually returning to the My Games or dashboard page after each one.

Map of the Week

WarLight now has an official Map of the Week feature! Every week, 5 maps will be eligible to be voted on by the players. The map that receives the most votes will be elected Map of the Week and will be featured on the new multi-player dashboard page.

Here’s how the 5 maps will be chosen:

  • The highest rated map created within the last week
  • A random map that’s never been voted on before
  • The map that got the 2nd most votes in the previous week (or, on week 1, just a second random map)
  • Two maps that are nominated by members. Players can only nominate one of the two slots each week, and may not nominate a map they created.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug that caused the WarLight logo in the upper-left to get split in half if your browser was zoomed in or out.
– Fixed a bug that caused the rematch button to not work for coin games.
– Fixed links to profiles from map reviews.
– Fixed wiki search on the Help tab.
– iOS: Fixed a bug that caused errors on devices that used a right-to-left locale.