WarLight AI Challenge 2

The WarLight AI Challenge is back! The AI challenge is a way that coders can write their own bot to play WarLight against other player’s bots on randomly generated maps. The winner gets €1024! (approx $1257)

You can choose your choice of programming languages from an impressive list: C, C#, C++, Clojure, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Prolog, Python, Ruby, Scala and Tcl.

The competition is just starting, so grab your favorite language and get coding! http://theaigames.com/competitions/warlight-ai-challenge-2

Update 3.1: More coin templates

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.01.0! This update makes some new settings available for coin games, as well as a couple other minor changes.

New Coin Templates

Two new templates have been made available to coin games: A 1v1 on Small Earth, and a 1v1 on Rise of Rome. Check out the Open Games page to check them out.

Games with higher wagers are also available. The templates have been structured so that the cheap 80-coin templates are quick games, and the longer settings have larger wagers.

We plan to continue to tweak the coin templates a lot over the coming weeks. Feel free to let us know what kind of settings you want to play coin games on!

Other Changes

The “Open Games” tab now is split into two sections — one that shows coin games, and the other shows free games. This will make it easier on people who don’t care about the coin games to avoid looking at them.

Profiles now show how many real-time versus multi-day games each player is currently in, rather than just showing the combined total.

Changed the website’s <title> tag for SEO purposes.

Update 3.0: WarLight coins!

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.00.0! This update launches the previously announced coins feature!


Coins are a way that you can make money by winning WarLight games. On the WarLight website, there is now a new Coins tab at the top. Here you can deposit/withdraw coins, as well as join and create coin games.

To get started with coin games, deposit some coins into your account and then join a game or challenge someone!

Special Event – 50 player FFA!

To commemorate the launch of 3.0, we’re also launching a one-time special event: a 50 player free-for-all coin game! This is the biggest game of WarLight ever played! And the winner gets 10,000 coins ($100 USD)!

Be sure to join quick, as this event is only open to the first 50 players who join it, and then it’s gone. Join it now!

End-Game Window

Whenever any game ends, WarLight now pops up a new window that gives you some summary information about the game:

The Rematch button provides an easy way to re-play games with the same people and same settings.

Other Changes

– Game/tournament links are now automatically shown in your browser’s address bar, instead of being shown in the settings.
– The points bar in the top-right was replaced by a coin counter. You can instead see your level progress by hovering over your level in the upper right, or clicking Settings -> Points.
– Increased the number of unearned achievements shown to the player from 5 to 10.
– During the process of joining an auto game, if the game starts without you, you’ll simply be taken to its replacement instead of thrown into spectator mode.
– Eliminated the “Home” tab. Moved Change History and About to Help, Maps to Community, and Unlockables to Settings
– Using “https” is now required, and accessing http://warlight.net will redirect to https://www.warlight.net. Because of this change, you may have to sign in again if you weren’t previously signed into https://www.warlight.net