Update 4.10.2: Viewing profiles in-app, UJS-Canvas now default

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.10.2! This update adds the ability to view profiles in the iOS/Android app, as well as fixes and improves a bunch of stuff. This blog post describes what’s changed.

The update is live now on the website. The Android app update is available now — your device should auto-update in the coming days or you can go to the Play Store to update it manually. The iOS app update will go live once Apple approves it, which usually takes 2-7 days.

Viewing Profiles

The Unity client now has the ability to view player’s profiles directly in the app! It used to redirect you to your web browser app when selecting a “View Full Profile” button.

This makes it much more convenient to view profiles. It also makes it much easier to add or remove other players from your friends list or blacklist, since those buttons are located on player’s profiles.

Sending Mail

The Unity client can now create private mail threads with other players! Previously, it was only possible to reply to mail threads that were sent to you.

This is done via the new Send Mail button on a player’s full profile page.

UJS-Canvas Default

The UJS-Canvas mode, that was introduced as experimental in the previous update, is no longer experimental and is now the default mode for all players. The UJS-Canvas mode makes playing games on the website faster and look nicer. You can still switch back to UJS if you don’t like it for some reason, but please send me mail and let me know why you did so!

Tweak to “MME Commanders LD No Cards”

I’m making a small tweak to the popular quickmatch template “MME Commanders LD No Cards”. West China will be worth 1 fewer army per turn, from 6 to 5. This will go live within the next day or two, so be on the lookout for that.

Other Changes

Full list of changes made in 4.10.2:
– Unity: Added the ability to view player’s profiles right in the app.
– Unity: Added the ability to send mail to other players.
– Unity: Added the ability to add/remove players from the friends list or blacklist.
– Unity: Long tournament names no longer get truncated on the tournament page.
– Unity: Fixed a “failed to deserialize vision” error.
– Unity: Updated Unity to 2017.4.17f1
– Unity/UJS: Tweaked the scale of the metal background image a bit.
– Unity/UJS: No-split games now hide the “attack by percentage” check-box since it has no use.
– Unity/UJS: The “Game Summary” button is now green.
– Unity/UJS: The statistics search dialog now displays all items in its list by default instead of requiring a search term. It also paginates its results.
– UJS: Tweaked image rendering mode to make them smoother.
– UJS: Fixed “Kp is null” error.
– UJS: Fixed “Failed to read responseText” error.
– Website: UJS-Canvas is now the default web mode.
– Website: The “Could not connect” dialog will no longer spawn more than one at a time. Thanks to Hades for reporting this.
– Website: Updated About page.
– Website: Changed some text regarding the use of the word “Risk”
– All: Fixed a bug that made points in the last 30 days extend beyond 30 days. Thanks to aoc for reporting this.
– All: Disabled trophy awarding for real-time ladder.

App Changes

In addition to the above changes, users of the iOS/Android app are receiving a ton more fixes:

– The Quickmatch voting page now allows sorting by newest templates.
– Fixed a bug that could make white territories overlap a map. Thanks to ViralGoat for being the most recent to report this.
– Android: The app now clears all notifications from the notification tray when it’s open.
– When inviting your friends to a tournament, it now separates them into pages. This keeps the page from getting too slow if you have lots of friends. Thanks to ViralGoat for reporting this.
– The “View Tournament” button in full settings now directs to the tournament correctly instead of opening your browser. Thanks to alexclusive for reporting this.
– Fixed a bug with the army cap that made your displayed income in the lower right corner show incorrectly after committing your turn.
– Coin tournaments now show in the settings how many extra coins the creator provided towards the tournament prize.
– Fixed a bug that allowed the quickmatch leaderboard category dialog be opened multiple times. Thanks to TBest for reporting this.
– Fixed a bug when a mod called GetTurn() with a floating point number. Thanks to kevin#1 for reporting this.
– Fixed a bug with viewing perspectives.
– Fixed a bug with community levels that could cause an error when adding multiple special units to the same territory.
– Fixed a bug with boss units on community levels that use high fog levels. Thanks to Rucka for reporting this.
– Fixed typo in tournament chat. Thanks to Olja for reporting this.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error if a territory was clicked just as a game ended. Thanks to Drama for reporting this.
– Fixed a bug that prevented joining coin tournaments if you had exactly the number of coins as the entry fee. Thanks to Pohorex for reporting this.
– Fixed a bug that could cause “bubble doesn’t have a slot” error when loading a template that used custom scenarios then changing the players. Thanks to Johnson Dibbles for reporting this.
– When double-tapping to attack with all armies, it will force attacks into attack/transfer mode. This fixes an issue where the second tap could hit the mode button switching it into Transfer Only on accident. Thanks to Pooh and Muli for reporting this.
– The app has been renamed on the app stores to avoid use of the “Risk” trademark. App descriptions were also updated.