Update 4.20.4: Small update

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.20.4! This is a small update that just fixes some bugs. This blog post describes what’s changed.


– Unity: Fixed a bug with the standalone client opening a modded game when set to the German locale. Thanks to dabo1 for reporting this.
– Unity: Improved detection of double-tap-to-attack.
– Unity/UJS: Creators of community levels that use custom scenarios can now alter the cards that the human player starts with like they can for AIs.
– All: Fixed a bug with Quickmatch that made the rating penalty of double-boots be stricter than it was supposed to. Thanks to Lepanto and Timiniator for reporting this.
– All: Fixed a bug that could, in rare cases, cause a single player win to be recorded multiple times. Thanks to Jose for reporting this.