Mobile update

WarLight’s mobile client has just been issued an update to version This is mostly a bugfix update. If you’re beta-testing the Android or iOS version of WarLight, you should update to this version.

Here’s a list of what’s changed:

– When starting a single-player level you previously abandoned, the game now prompts you if you want to resume your previous game.
– Added a “Previous Page” link to the My Games screen.
– Fixed the tutorial map, which was using an old version that had a missing connection.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error on maps that had broken bonus links such as the Europe Big map. (This fix may not appear immediately after the update since all maps need to be re-processed which will take several hours.)
– Android: Fixed a bug that caused an error when loading games on some devices.
– IOS: Fixed a bug on retina devices that caused the orders list to render incorrectly.
– IOS: Fixed a bug that could cause the bottom half the screen to be black after closing the software keyboard.
– IOS: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Common Games page to give an error.
– IOS: Fixed a bug that was slowing down the Settings page.