Update 5.23: Tags, show who is online, 3d maps for all, swap picks for all

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.23.0! This update contains a bunch of improvements to the game and website. This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website and the standalone client. The Android/iOS app should receive this update within a week or two.

Tags for maps and mods

Warzone now supports tagging maps and mods. For example, a map could be tagged with #Europe, #Diplomacy, or #INSS. This helps when searching for maps or mods that you want to find since you can now filter them based on these tags, such as to see all Diplomacy maps at once. This replaces the old category system that maps had, since it allows for maps to be in multiple categories at the same time.

The tags for each item can be voted on by the community. When viewing a map or mod, you’ll find a small edit button next to the tags. When editing, you can select up to three tags that you feel best describe the item. Warzone will display the three most-often-voted tags next to that item for everyone to filter on.

Show who is Online

The most-requested item on the Warzone Uservoice Forum is now a reality! When creating multi-player games, a small green circle will be displayed next to players who are currently online in the game.

3d Maps for All

3d maps no longer require a membership and can therefore be used by anyone! You can enable or disable them for your iOS or Android device by visiting the settings and locating the 3d maps button. Most players will also receive a small message asking if they want to try 3d maps.

Swap Picks for all

The “Swap Picks” mod no longer requires a membership and can now be used by everyone for free! This is the first time that a mod has been opened to non-members. This is limited only to when creating a game via the Create Game button (multi-player or single player), and does not apply to other areas like Quickmatch. The Swap Picks mod was chosen for this honor, in part, since it has a very low server impact.

In addition, non-members can now fully access the Change Mods page when making games, which lets them view a full list of all member-only mods as well as view their source code.

Mod UI Improvements

The UI around creating, viewing, and updating mods has received a refresh. It should now all be much more intuitive and easier to understand.

In addition, mod developers can now view performance data related to their mods from the last 30 days, and even get a list of games that are using their mods.

Other Changes

– All: Clan wars now inserts the rating of each clan into the game descriptions.
– Unity: Tweaked army number sizes again to be more in-line with browser when zoomed in.
– Unity: Fixed chat dialog staying open when closing the lobby that opened it.
– Classic: When muting public or team chat for a game, the game no longer shows the chat message in your My Games page at all.
– Classic: When using the “Rematch” button on a game with random teams, the newly created game will now also have random teams.
– Classic: The attack/transfer dialog now takes commanders into account when determining what number to highlight.
– Classic: When creating a new game from an existing game’s settings, you can now directly save those settings as a template without having to make a change first.
– Classic: The clock dialog is now draggable.
– Classic: When making tournaments, your list of templates is now paginated.
– Classic: Fixed the displayed expiration turn for spy cards to be one turn less than what was previously displayed, which is more accurate since cards expire at the beginning of the turn.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when clicking Finish vs AI on a game where a player had a diplomacy card played on them who had no territories by the end of the game.
– Classic: Fixed the yellow highlighted number on games with very low offensive kill ratios when attacking a neutral of 1.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when clicking “Change players” on a team template in single player.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could allow attacking out of a gifted territory.
– Idle: The Level Stats dialog now shows your progress through the level as a percentage.
– Idle: The game now prompts you for confirmation before purchasing rare or epic artifacts.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that would cause errors if army camp discount got above 100%.
– Mods: Added API/GetModPerformance that will dump out performance data for mods you own.
– Mods: Cloning a custom special unit will now maintain that unit as assigned to the original mod.
– Mods: Fixed TerritoryModification so it can’t make negative armies.
– Mods: Fixed an error that could occur by a player without mods unlocked who opened a modded template that had a card piece with 0 weight, 0 minimums, and 0 initial pieces.

Removing the Facebook sign in to Warzone accounts

Unfortunately, Facebook has decided to disable the ability to sign into Warzone accounts using a Facebook account.

Did you sign into your Warzone account with Facebook and can no longer sign in? If so, you need to follow these instructions to get access to your account again:

1. Visit the “Forgot password” page
2. Enter the email address you had tied to your Warzone account (probably the primary one of your Facebook account) and submit it
3. Open your email account, and look for the email from Warzone. Click the link in this email. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see it)
4. Enter your email address again, and make up a password.

From now on, please use your email/password combo to access your account.

If you have an issue with this process please email me at fizzer@warzone.com and I’ll do my best to help.

Why did this happen?

Facebook sent me an email six days ago saying they couldn’t find the Privacy Policy on the warzone website. Since Warzone already has a privacy policy, I sent them a link to it. I guess they just didn’t find it or something? I didn’t think anything of it.

Well they replied with a really confusing mail, saying they needed a privacy policy in my app, which has to be accessible by all users of my website, and is commonly found in the footer of my website. Huh? I asked for clarification, are they talking about the iOS/Android/Kindle app? The website? Or the Facebook app? (Facebook has an “app” which is really just an entry that points to my website, but they call it a Facebook App)

They also mentioned “A kind reminder that the current deadline for you to comply with our request is 2022-12-21 01:00:00 PST, or your app will be restricted. If you require an extension, please make a request before the current deadline expires.”. I responded asking for clarification. I pointed out that if they are requesting changes to the iOS/Android/Kindle app, I need more than six days to do that, since app updates are subject to lengthy review times by Apple, Google, and Amazon. I went ahead and requested an extension as they said I should.

They replied with a slightly less confusing email, saying now they were talking about the iOS/Android app. But they, again, say “Privacy Policy needs to be publicly available and easily accessible for all users from your Website” and “Some common locations are the footer of your site” which doesn’t make any sense for an app. But OK, I guess I’ll ignore those, and assume they’re talking about the app.

The Warzone app does link to Warzone’s privacy policy on the Google Play Store Page and the iOS page, however there’s no link to the privacy policy from within the app itself as nobody has ever requested one before. OK fine, I tell Facebook that I’ll add a button for this in the next app update. However, it’s impossible to get an app update out in the (now) five days remaining that they’re requesting. So I (again) request an extension. This is doubly true on the week before Christmas, as app store review times are lengthened. In fact, Apple has a advisory on their website saying they “anticipate high volume and reviews may take longer to complete” and to “Plan to send time-sensitive submissions early.” I’ve seen review times of 5+ weeks in the past, which is entirely out of my control. Along with my second extension request, I inform Facebook about all of this.

Well, Facebook doesn’t seem to care about any of that, and I guess they denied my extension requests. They now have disabled the Warzone Facebook login just a few days before Christmas, so players can no longer sign in with their Facebook accounts.

What’s even more insane is that they even disabled Facebook sign in on the Warzone website, which had the privacy policy all along exactly where they were asking for it to be! I have no idea why they’d disable that.

What am I doing about it?

The whole experience has me frustrated, as I try my best to maintain a working product, but I’m not sure what I could have done differently to keep the app working in this case. I understand it’s really frustrating for players who can’t sign in to their account, especially if they’re close to getting booted in a game. I’m just as mad about this as you are.

Facebook did give me a button to request an appeal, so I clicked that and filled out the form. However they say it can take 48 hours for the appeal. If anyone out there has friends or family that work at Facebook/Meta, it might be nice to consider sending them this to see if they can get the appeal process expeditated.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten grief over having Facebook sign-in option. I’ve considered removing it in the past, but it’s a difficult thing to do since I know there are players out there who rely on it, and I don’t want to leave them stranded. However, given that now Facebook has disabled it completely, I guess it’s a good time to remove it. So I plan to completely remove the Facebook sign in option from the website and app. If you previously used this, be sure to migrate using the steps above.

I will update this post if there are any further developments.

Update 5.22: Name tags, 400 player games, chat dialog, mute chat, and more

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.22.0! This update contains a bunch of improvements to the game and website. This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website and the standalone client. The Android/iOS app should receive this update within a week or two.

Name Tags

Warzone has always supported having multiple players with the same username. However, up until now, there was no way to differentiate players with identical names. Now, players are given a tag after their name, such as Fizzer#1 and Fizzer#2. Every account, when combined with its tag, is now uniquely named.

This helps fix an issue that could occur when searching for players that have a common name. For example, if a player signs up with the name Alex and tells their friend to invite them to a game, it would previously be very challenging for their friend to find the correct Alex amongst the thousands of accounts named that.

The initial tag ordering was given out based on account signup date, with priority given to active accounts over inactive accounts (any account that has been used in the last 30 days was considered active).

400 player games

Mega games can now support 400 players, up from the previous limit of 300!

This is the last time the limit will be raised for the foreseeable future. I consider 400 the ideal size limit for mega games.

Chat Dialog

In a Warzone Classic game with lots of chat, clicking the “Load Older Messages” button will now pop up all of the chat in a new dialog instead of getting inserted into the chat area at the bottom of the screen.

This should be a big benefit to players who play in games with lots of chat. Not only is it easier to read, but it’s also separated into pages which makes it much more reliable. Previously, if a game had too much chat, trying to load it all at once could cause devices to run out of memory and crash. By giving it a dedicated dialog, it should work reliably now.

Mute Chat

In the Game Settings dialog of multi-player Warzone Classic games, there’s a new checkbox that allows you to mute the chat notifications from that game. If checked, the game will no longer appear in your My Games list due to having unread chat.

This is most useful if you joined a big game that gets lots of chat, such as a mega game, and you’ve been eliminated or surrendered from this game. Previously, this game would still appear in your My Games list every time someone chatted. Now, you can check the Mute Chat checkbox and it will stay gone for good.

In team games, you also have the option of muting public chat but keeping team chat un-muted, in case you still want to talk to your team.

Deployment Slider Auto Advance

Prior to this update, Warzone Classic games automatically advance players from the deploying phase to the attacking phase when the last army is deployed to a territory by tapping the territory. Now, it also automatically advances when you deploy via the deployment slider, too. This is a quality-of-live improvement which will help save a click, and also helps smooth over a common newbie complaint where they can’t figure out how to attack after changing their deployment method.

In order to facilitate this, it also means that now the deployment slider doesn’t automatically close when advancing to the attack phase anymore. If you decide to un-deploy armies using the slider, it will automatically revert you back to the deploy phase.

Highlight armies to use in no-luck games

When attacking a neutral in a game without randomness, the number of armies you need to attack with to capture the territory is now highlighted in the attack/transfer dialog. This helps newbies figure out what the appropriate number to attack with.

This doesn’t happen in games with luck, since there’s no one correct answer as it depends on the probabilities shown when you click Analyze. It also does not happen when attacking an enemy since the enemy could deploy armies, so there’s no way to be sure what the correct attack number is.

Other Changes

– All: When searching for players by name, you can now search for players with names with fewer than 3 characters.
– All: When watching forum threads, if you have an unread in-app notification telling you about an unread forum post, a further notification will not be created for the same thread until you read or delete the existing one.
– All: Re-ordered some achievements.
– Classic: When rating a map from a single player level, a very visible alert is now shown to ensure players know they’re rating the map and not the level.
– Classic: If you have more than 50 templates, the “Load template” page now separates them into pages to increase performance.
– Classic: In large games, the clock hover dialog now pops up as a scrollable region so it can display all players.
– Classic: The Prod 2.0 AI now takes care to never blockade a territory its commander could be on.
– Classic: Fixed a bug with modded games that could cause cards to be processed multiple times, or a card that was discarded to be played. The code now checks that you have the card before allowing a play-card order to process.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that allowed players to forward a tournament invite to someone who had block listed them.
– Classic: Fixed a bug with “finish vs AI” that made cities and other structures not be preserved.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could, in rare conditions, make the AI refuse to play in a commerce or local deployment game with mods.
– Idle: The game now detects when you’re moving idle from one device to another and prompts you to confirm you’ve closed it in other places first, to help avoid data loss.
– Idle: Fixed a bug with auto-market that made it not respect your sell price upgrades.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made auto-buy-market not pop up a message when it auto buys.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made it offer you the wrong level when using a skip level power if you have unlocked the Skip Levels advancement.
– Unity: 3d maps now have a new option “only for small maps”. When setting this option, big maps will load in 2d and smaller maps in 3d, since big maps can be slow in 3d.
– Unity: When viewing a large map in 3d, it now uses higher resolution backgrounds. (actually this time)
– Unity: Increased army number size when zoomed out slightly.
– Unity: Fixed army number size in 3d maps so it lines up with 2d maps.
– Unity: Fixed crash that can happen if viewing an extremely large bonus (50+ territories). This was fixed by only rendering the first 50 territory thumbnails instead of all of them.
– Mods: Added TerritoryModification.RemoveSpecialUnitsOpt to make it easier to remove special units.
– Mods: Added GameOrderCustom.OccursInPhaseOpt to allow mods to specify which area within a turn custom orders are allowed to occur.
– Mods: Any IncomeMods that refer to a bonus the player does not have any territories in will now be skipped, since it would be impossible to deploy otherwise.
– Website: Removed empty sort option from maps page.
– UJS: Included more information in error details of some types of mod failures.
– UJS: Fixed text going outside of the dialog on the autopilot settings dialog.
– iOS: Fixed push notification box sometimes unchecking on its own in iOS 16.

Develop mods right from your editor

Warzone now supports a new way of developing mods! This is much easier and faster to use than the old way. I created a video showing off how it works, that you can watch here:


This new method allows mod makers to develop their mods directly against the Warzone website and alleviates the need to install the Standalone Client. To make this work, it uses the new Update Mod API introduced in the recent update.

If you’re a mod developer, give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Update 5.21: Tanks, mod improvements, commander improvements

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.21.0! This update contains a bunch of improvements to the mod framework, improvements to commanders, improvements to 3d maps, and more. This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website. The standalone client, Android app, and iOS app should receive this update within a week or two.

Commanders no longer require a membership

Commanders no longer require a membership to be included in games! Instead, they are now a normal feature that unlocks at level 38. If you are already over level 38, you’ll unlock it on your next level up, or if you’re over 53 you’ll get it right away.

Commanders now work with one-army-stands-guard

Prior to this update, commanders (and all special units) required that the one-army-stands-guard feature be disabled to be included in a game. Now, these features can be used together.

Note that the one-army-stands-guard rule can be violated when special units are present. For example, if a commander and 2 armies are on a territory that gets attacked, since armies die before the commander, the commander could be left with 0 armies on that territory. If the commander then leaves, there will be a territory with 0 armies, despite the one-army-stands-guard which normally prevents that. If you want to attack from a territory with 0 armies, you must deploy at least 2 there — one to satisfy the one army that stands guard, and additional armies to attack with.

Tank Mod

This update brings a new example mod to Warzone Classic games, the Tank Mod. When enabled, players can build a tank which is a special unit worth 10 armies. It behaves like a commander in that it cannot be partially damaged, which makes it exceptionally good at taking down neutral territories such as wastelands.

The main reason to make the tank mod is to show off the new modding features (detailed below). But as is custom, example mods are useful mods in their own right and fully work out-of-the-box.

Mods: Custom Special Units

Mods can now add their own special units to Warzone Classic games! Prior to this update, the only special units were commanders and the single-player bosses, but with this update, mods will enable an infinite number of new possibilities for special units, such as the tanks mod discussed above.

Mods can even specify their own image for their new special units. This is the first time the mods can actually insert images into the game, which will likely be used for additional mod features coming in future updates.

I look forward to seeing what the mod community can come up with!

Other Changes

– Classic: If a game ends while you’re actively watching the latest turn play out, it will now continue letting you watch the rest of the turn instead of immediately switching to the end-game state.
– Classic: Updated the look of the commerce games to make the button more noticeable and the menu look nicer.
– Classic: Fixed viewing active cards in a “Finish versus AI” game with active sanction cards.
– Classic: Fixed the custom scenario button being sometimes clickable when custom scenario radio button wasn’t checked.
– All: Clan war now randomizes the order of players in a single clan for matchmaking.
– Unity: When viewing a large map in 3d, it now uses higher resolution backgrounds. This was accomplished by tiling textures.
– Unity: Members now get a balloon asking them if they want to try 3d mode. It can still be enabled or disabled in the settings menu at any time.
– Mods: Added Client_PresentCommercePurchaseUI hook to allow adding to commerce-purchase dialog.
– Mods: Added ClientGame.HighlightTerritories to highlight a territory or multiple territories on the map.
– Mods: Added ClientGame.CreateLocatorCircle which creates a circle on the screen to alert the player to a location on the map.
– Mods: Added UI.IsDestroyed which returns true for any UI object that’s been destroyed or never existed.
– Mods: Added UpdateMod API that allows development mods to be updated remotely. More details about this will be revealed in a future blog post.
– Mods: Added mod development UI to website, at https://www.warzone.com/Mods/Develop
– Mods: InterceptNextTerritoryClick and InterceptNextBonusLinkClick can now optionally return the special value WL.CancelClickIntercept. This will cancel the intercept and let the click go through normally.
– Mods: GameOrderEvent now has a property called JumpToActionSpotOpt that lets mods set where the camera will focus when the order is selected in the orders panel.
– Mods: GameOrderEvents now show which mod created them when double-clicking on the order in the orders panel.
– Mods: GameOrderEventResult now exposes a property called CardInstancesCreated which expose the information about cards created by AddCardPiecesOpt.
– Mods: Fixed a bug that could leave dead entries in tables after calling table.remove().
– Mods: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when adding a boss to a game.
– Mods: Fixed the error message that’s received if a mod incorrectly passes a single item to a parameter that needs a table.
– Mods: Fixed card orders not validating that the correct CardID was passed.

Update 5.20.3: Small update

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.20.3! This is a small update just to fix a few bugs and add one small feature. This blog post lists what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website and standalone apps. The Android and iOS apps should receive this update within a week or two.


– Classic: If a player has more than 500 boots and a greater than 30% boot rate, the surrender tutorial now gets more annoying. This is designed to punish those who habitually never surrender and cause a bad experience for those they match against.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could make territories not re-fog properly when viewing a history game from the perspective of one team in a team game and one player on that team gets booted or surrenders.
– Unity: Fixed an error that occurred when making a blank svg file into a 3d map.
– Unity: Fixed map designer “SphereCollider” error message on mobile devices.
– Android: Fixed some maps from flickering when zooming, such as Portugal Big.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when conquering the last territory on the map.
– Idle: Fixed a bug with challenge level achievements.
– Idle: Fixed changing the mine doubler not saving properly in some cases.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made advanced auto-conquer mess up the “armies saved from hospitals/joint strike” statistics.
– All: Fixed the layout of the map designer page when on a very small device.
– Website: Fixed a bug with the airlift audio.
– Website: Fixed real-time ladder stat pages.
– API: ValidateInviteToken now returns an error when querying deleted accounts.

Update 5.20.1: 3d maps for members

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.20.1! This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website at warzone.com, as well as the standalone apps. The iOS/Android apps will receive this update in the coming weeks.

3d Maps Preview for Members

As teased in the YouTube video, Warzone now has a new map rendering engine that allows it to render maps in 3d!

In the previous update, 3d maps were only available to member map makers, but now it’s available to all members and also available to use in the core game! If you’re a member want want to try it out, you can check the “3d maps” box in the settings. This checkbox only appears if you’re a member, and is only available in the Unity app (standalone, iOS, or Android), and of course only appears if you have version 5.20.1 or higher.

Other Changes

– All: The list of players to choose for the destination of private chat is now sorted.
– Unity: Added free camera option to map preview.
– Unity: Fixed hit detection on 3d maps.
– Unity: Fixed 3d map objects with cut-outs sometimes not rendering the cut-outs.
– Unity: Fixed bonus links not appearing for newly added bonuses in the map designer.
– Unity: Fixed the top right menu and game menu from being too small on high-scaled screens.
– Mods: Fixed a bug that caused an error if a mod played a spy card between teammates.
– Website: Fixed not being able to enter negative overridden bonuses.

Update 5.20: 3d maps, Map Designer to the app

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.20.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website at warzone.com, as well as the standalone apps. The iOS/Android apps will not receive this version and instead will get these features when 5.20.1 is released.

3d Maps Preview for Map Designers

As teased in the YouTube video, Warzone now has a new map rendering engine that allows it to render maps in 3d!

In this first preview, 3d maps are only available to member map makers. You can access it in the Standalone Client. In a future update, it will become possible to use 3d maps in the normal game, too, but for now it’s only possible in the map designer.

No special actions will need to be taken by map designers to make their maps 3d, and all maps will support 3d mode. However, there are a few additional features that map makers can apply to make their maps look more stunning in 3d mode, such as heightmaps and textures. Details about these can be found on the Warzone wiki.

Map Designer to the App

The Map Designer, used to make new maps, is now available in the Unity app! Previously, map design was only possible on the website, but now it will be on all platforms which means it will be possible to make maps entirely on iOS/Android!

If map development is enabled on your account (as is done through the wiki), you can find it by clicking the top right button and selecting the new Map Development option.

300 Player Games

Mega Games, the feature that was released in 5.18, has now had its limit increased! That means that Warzone Classic games can now support up to a whopping 300 players! You must be running version 5.20.0 or newer to create the games, but anyone running 5.18.0 or higher can join and play them without any issues.

Other Changes

– Idle: Added settings to disable the popups for unclaimed powers, mortars, arenas, and dig sites.
– Idle: Added Inspire Mercenaries powers to the possible options for daily rewards.
– Idle: Advanced Auto Conquer will now always conquer free territories first before conquering any others.
– Idle: A skip level power will no longer mark the last level as skipped, since there’s nothing after it to unlock so it would be a waste.
– Idle: Fixed auto dig so that it can activate a dig even when the app is closed, up to your max idle limit.
– Idle: Fixed arenas sometimes giving the reward for a different arena than then one you clicked Play on.
– Idle: Fixed territories that were visible through an advancement not counting as visible to some features, such as the Level Stats Dialog and mortar targets.
– Idle: Fixed the modifier breakdown for ore production when ad-watch bonus is active.
– Idle: Fixed assets, such as smelters, not appearing in your list if you conquered them on the last territory of the map.
– Idle: Fixed the “Next victory is worth” number so it subtracts AP cannibalized from a previous aborted attempt at that level.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made it so you couldn’t join battles if you only had Advanced Auto Conquer and not normal Auto Conquer.
– Idle: Fixed the mortar dialog so it shows the correct increased percentage if you’ve unlocked the Increased Mortar Damage advancement.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made mortars continue to glow even after firing and missing.
– Unity: Tabs are no longer marked as experimental.
– Unity: Fixed tournament bracket view so it doesn’t go to the bottom right corner on initial load.
– Classic: When you win a multi-player 1v1 game, the end game dialog now tries to explain why you won, such as “your opponent was booted for running out of time”. This helps newbies understand why a game ended.
– Classic: Slightly increased match rate of real-time quickmatch games.
– Classic: The “turns into AI” options can now be used in coin games.
– Classic: Fixed a bug that could allow quickmatch to make a game with fewer coins than your MinCoins parameter.
– Classic: Fixed a bug when creating a game that made the fixed reinforcement card settings box be disabled when first loading the page.
– Website: Fixed the letter “A” representing an AI player from being outside its box.
– Mods: Added the ability to set territories to pickable during territory picking.
– Mods: Added field TerritoryModification.AddArmies, TerritoryModification.AddStructuresOpt, and GameOrderEvent.AddResourceOpt. These let you add/remove things instead of setting them. This is preferable over setting for reducing conflicts between different mods.
– Mods: Added GameOrderEvent.AddCardPiecesOpt and GameOrderEvent.RemoveWholeCardsOpt so that mods can now add/remove cards at will.
– Mods: Fixed NumberInputField from accepting letters in UJS.
– Mods: Fixed dialog not closing when close() is called in Client_PresentMenuUI.
– Mods: Fixed DateTimes in UJS so they return milliseconds to be consistent with other platforms.
– Mods: Fixed a bug with mods that add commanders into a game that wasn’t configured to start with commanders that made things not re-fog properly when a commander dies. This also manifested in errors in some cases like one that said “Can’t attack yourself”

Update 5.19.1: 200 player games, chat sound, auto dig, advanced auto conquer

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.19.1! This blog post describes what’s changed.

200 Player Games

Mega Games, the feature that was released in 5.18, has now had its limit increased! That means that Warzone Classic games can now support up to a whopping 200 players! You must be running version 5.19.1 or newer to create the games, but anyone running 5.18.0 or higher can join and play them without any issues.


Tabs were previously announced, but whereas they were previously Standalone-only, now they are coming to iOS and Android too! On iOS and Android, they are disabled by default and need to be enabled by visiting the Settings menu and checking the checkbox named “Tabs”. The checkbox will only appear if you’re a member.

Chat Sound

If you have a Warzone Classic game open when another player sends chat to it, a small sound is now played to help alert you to it.

Auto-Dig Advancement

Warzone Idle has a new advancement in phase 4: Auto Dig!

One of the design goals of Warzone Idle is that the game should be possible to automate itself. You’ll see this already in many of the “Auto” advancements that exist, such as auto-smelter, auto-upgrade army camps, etc. The design behind these advancements is that they should never be as efficient as a human playing the game manually, but they give you a way to automate parts that you don’t want to do if you’re willing to accept the efficiency loss. For example, if you grow tired of switching your smelters when they run out of a resource, you can enable auto-smelter and don’t have to do it anymore.

Auto Dig is a new advancement that handles the digging of artifacts for you. If you can start a dig in a level, it will automatically start that dig for you. Also, if you have a pending artifact that needs to be claimed at the time when auto-dig would start a dig, it will automatically claim that artifact for you and place it in your artifact inventory. So this new advancement doubles as an auto-claim-artifact advancement.

Advanced Auto Conquer

Warzone Idle has a new advancement in phase 4: Advanced Auto Conquer!

This advancement works like the existing Auto Conquer advancement, except that it’s much more intelligent about what order it conquers territories. For example, it will tend to prioritize conquers that take advantage of joint strike, and it will also prioritize conquers that give it useful assets like army camps.

Other Changes

– Classic: Cleaned up the text that gets displayed before playing a card on a couple cards.
– Classic: Fixed wasteland icon sometimes appearing on a custom scenario game.
– Classic: Fixed a bug with mods that made structures not get added sometimes when they were supposed to.
– Classic: Fixed “try again” button giving errors if you are in an SP game where you haven’t unlocked one of the features that game uses.
– Website: UJS pages now display a more accurate title of each page.
– Website: Fixed a bug with mods that defined Server_AdvanceTurn.lua but not Server_AdvanceTurn_Order.
– Website: Fixed text next to mega games on the multi-player dashboard so it’s correctly spaced.
– Website: Fixed a bug that made some clicks not register as being over the map when near a dialog with a scrollable region.
– Unity: The camera now retains it position for each page, which means it will stay in the same place you left it when you navigate to a different page, zoom/pan around, then return to the original page.
– Idle: Tweaked maximum upgrade of a couple visibility advancements so they divide evenly into 3.
– All: Warzone accounts can now be deleted at https://www.warzone.com/Account/Delete or via the iOS/Android settings menu.

Rollout of 5.19.1

This update to the app contains a lot of internal code changes, which was necessary to make the tabs feature work. Because of that, this version of the app will intentionally be rolled out more slowly than normal, so expect that it could take up to 4 weeks or so for all iOS and Android devices to be offered the update.

Note: If you play idle on multiple devices, it is recommended that you don’t unlock either of the new advancements until all devices you play idle from are updated to 5.19.1 or newer.