Announcing Warzone (WarLight 2)!

I’m pleased to announce that WarLight will officially be getting a sequel!

Warzone builds upon WarLight, adding tons of new features and capabilities, while retaining all of the amazing maps and gameplay that we enjoy today.

New Features

  • The entire game has been re-written from scratch in Unity for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux). The game is sleeker, easier to use, and is all around a much better experience.
  • Quickmatch makes it easy to jump into multi-player games! No longer do you have to search through a list of open games. Just click Play, and you’re playing a fun multi-player game!
  • Commerce games adds an economy to your empire. Build cities to tax to afford more armies, but be sure to defend them!
  • Mods allow customizing the game in ways never before imagined! Mods are easy to use — there’s nothing to download or install, and they even work on iOS and Android!
  • In team games, your teammates’ orders are displayed right on the screen so you can see where your teammates are attacking or what territories they’re picking with ease!
  • If you change another player’s color, it now saves that change so you don’t need to do it again in that game
  • Games don’t have a refresh button anymore. Warzone keeps a socket connected to the server, so any time a turn advances or chat message comes in, it appears immediately.
  • When starting a game, your starting territories are highlighted and zoomed so you can always know where you started
  • Best of all, it’s still free! If you’ve purchased or unlocked anything for your WarLight account, such as a membership or colors, it will still be fully usable in Warzone with no additional fees.
  • And more! There are many more improvements not mentioned here.

iOS or Android user?

Do you play WarLight on your iOS or Android device? Warzone will blow your mind!

In addition to getting all of the above features, there’s a slew of new stuff coming specifically for mobile users:

  • Make your own single-player levels, or play those created by the community!
  • Link territories in chat!
  • Easily see territory names and connections with the new magnifying glass button!
  • When building custom scenarios, you can assign bonuses all at once
  • Use autopilot to allow the AI to enter orders for you
  • A new, mobile-friendly, website
  • Spin the Coin Wheel to win free coins!


I’m working hard at finishing Warzone, and it will launch as soon as it’s ready. I hope to launch it before the end of the year. Stay tuned to the blog for more information. I hope you’re as excited as I am!