Season XII

Congrats to Yeon for winning Season XI with a very impressive 18-2 record! I’m glad to hear most people liked the new local deployments feature. Personally, I found last season to be my favorite so far. Local deployments completely changes the game’s strategy.

Season XII

Season XI used Light Fog to ease our introduction into Local Deployments. This time, we’ll go with normal fog, and also on a new map, Turkey:

With only 82 territories, this is by far the smallest map ever used in a ladder. This means the games will likely be much quicker than previous seasons. Along with the smaller map, base income and reinforcement cards have also been reduced from 5 to 3. Luck has been reduced to 0% straight round, so this season will not have any randomness like last season did. Order delay and order priority cards have also been removed.

Check out the full settings with this template: multi-player, single-player.

Season XII will start on Tuesday at midnight GMT (click to see a countdown or this time in your own timezone). Good luck!