Update 5.16.1

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.16.1! This blog post describes what’s changes.

Unity Upgrade

Unity is the game engine that powers Warzone’s iOS and Android apps. Once per year, we have to upgrade the major version of Unity which has to has the potential to create bugs or other technical issues. Therefore, this update will roll out slowly to devices. It may take a few weeks for all iOS and Android devices to receive this version.

I’ve tested the app thoroughly but if you see any issues, please report them by going to Help -> Contact -> Report a Bug.

Other Changes

– All: Increased the number of templates available per timeslot in Clan Wars slightly.
– Idle: Added a notification for when artifacts cool down and are ready to use again.
– Idle: Added achievements for new features. These are the last idle achievements for the foreseeable future.
– Unity: Updated Unity version from 2019.4 to 2020.3.
– Unity: Updated map format to use 32-bit index buffers, which fixes the layering issue that some big maps had.
– Classic: Fixed “Finish versus AI” button on games with eliminated players.
– Classic: Fixed “Try again” button when finishing versus AI.
– Website: Removed WebGL web mode.