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The Feature Request Forum is your place to vote on what features you think Warzone should implement.


[edit] How it works

Any player can create a thread on this forum, which is then called a feature request or an idea. Any player with votes can then vote on this idea, and the ideas with the most votes are displayed at the top of the forum by default. You can also sort ideas by how recently they were added, or the most recent discussion reply.

Like any other Warzone forum, players can also give thumbs-up and thumbs-down to feature requests. However, these only affect its visibility and aren't official votes for it to be implemented.

Players have votes based on their level, with votes unlocking at level 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 62, 64, 66, and a bonus vote for members. You can place up to three votes for any one idea. Votes you cast are tied to your Warzone account and are public, so you can always see who voted on each individual feature request.

At any time, you can always change your mind and take votes out of one idea and put them into another.

If a feature you voted for is implemented or declined by Warzone, then you'll get your votes back and are free to put them into another idea.

Note that any replies to a feature request are not considered part of the core idea. When you vote, you're only voting for the features outlined in the top post of the forum. Any replies are just considered discussion surrounding the idea. If you need to augment or later change an idea after it's posted, you should create a new thread and encourage players to move their votes into the new one if they like that one more.

Any Warzone account that is inactive for more than 30 days will automatically have its votes removed from all ideas. If they sign in again, they're free to put their votes back.

[edit] Criteria for a new feature

While it would be great to implement every feature suggested, this simply isn't possible. There's no magic number of votes that a feature needs to get accepted; the point of voting is to see which features are most in-demand. This is also important to avoid design-by-committee syndrome, since sometimes trying to please everyone ends up pleasing no one.

Features are typically judged based on these criteria:

  • How good of a fit the feature is for Warzone's theme and direction.
  • How much effort the feature takes to implement and maintain.
  • How many votes the feature gets (i.e. how in-demand it is).
  • Additionally, sometimes a feature can get implemented just because it happens to fall into an area of code that is being worked on for something else.

[edit] Multi-Ideas

A single idea on the Feature Request forum should generally contain a single idea/feature/improvement. Sometimes players create an idea that mentions multiple features. Doing this is not disallowed, however, it is risky, and may not get you what you want.

The advantage of creating a single idea with multiple features is that it appears more attractive to other voters. If any one of your features appeals to a player, they're likely to vote on it, and therefore you're likely to get more votes.

The problem comes when one or some of the features is implemented, but not all. After this is done, the Warzone developers will simply mark it as Completed, even though only part of it was done.

The reasoning is that if they leave the idea as it is, it would leave features up for voting that are completed. If they edited the idea to remove the features implemented, leaving the ones not implemented, it would invalidate the vote numbers since there's no way of knowing what features people really wanted when they put their votes into that idea.

Therefore, these ideas will just be closed as completed if any part of them is implemented. After this is done, everyone who voted for them will get their votes back. If the voters still desire a part of the idea that was not implemented, they can create a new idea specific to that part, and put their freshly acquired votes into that one one.

[edit] Feature Requests and Mods

Sometimes, people submit ideas to the forum that can be implemented with Warzone's mod framework. This section outlines guideline for whether or not your idea belongs on the Feature Request Forum:

First, if your idea cannot be implemented using the mod framework, then it's OK to submit to it the Feature Request forum. You can either word it as a normal feature, or word it as an idea to add support to the mod framework.

If your idea can be implemented using the mod framework, next determine if a mod already exists to accomplish it. If a mod already exists, then it's OK to submit it to the Feature Request forum as an idea to convert a mod into a built-in feature. Be sure to note in the description that your idea is to convert an existing mod into a built-in feature. Note that these types of ideas will only be considered if the mod is already pretty popular.

If your idea can be implemented using the mod framework, but no mod exists yet, you should not submit it as an idea to the Feature Request forum. The next step in getting your idea to become reality is to get it created as a mod. the Feature Request forum is not the appropriate place to pitch to mod developers, as the Feature Request forum is aimed at pitching your idea to the Warzone developers. Instead, if you can't create the mod yourself or need help doing so, try the Warzone Programming forum.

[edit] Multi-account voting is not allowed

If you have multiple Warzone accounts, be sure to only cast votes from your main account and never your alts. If you are caught voting on multiple accounts, you may face punishment up to and including having all of your accounts banned.

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