Update 5.16: Super Ascend

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.16.0! This blog post outlines what’s new.

Super Ascend

Warzone Idle now has a feature called Super Ascend! This is intended for players who are deep into phase 4 advancements.

Super Ascend unlocks 17 new levels and also gives one of four permanent rewards. The new levels can be seen on the main path below Huge Europe, but they can’t be accessed until after you super ascend.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can super ascend, so these rewards can be earned repeatedly.

To qualify for super ascension, you must have spent at least 100k AP on phase 4 advancements. Then you’ll find a new Super Ascend button on the main menu. When super ascending:

  • You lose all advancements and AP
  • You get to keep 2 artifacts of your choosing. All of the rest are lost. This can be upgraded (see below).
  • Your level rewards are reset so you can earn them again
  • Your battle points are reset so you can earn all battle rewards again.
  • You keep your achievements, coins, powers, super camp, clan, and clan rewards.
  • You get one of four permanent rewards, which persist even through future super ascends:

    +25% AP from levels

    Can keep one additional artifact when super ascending

    +20% faster artifact digging

    +100 starting AP after super ascending

Note: Make sure to upgrade all of your devices to 5.16 or newer before super ascending, since playing on older versions after super ascending could erase your super ascend.

Other Changes

– All: When a clan war timeslot has only one template, that template will never be Strategic 2v2.
– Idle: Fixed auto-mortar not being disableable.
– Idle: Hardened Copper Creek Castle’s reward is now an epic artifact, since it can be earned multiple times with super ascend.
– Classic: Fixed the error message that is received when mods have stack overflow bugs.
– Classic: Fixed “Finish versus AI” button on games with eliminated players.
– Classic: Fixed quickmatch coin wager box being checked when both wagers were 0.
– Android: Fixed a bug that could make push notifications not enable properly. You may need to clear storage for the app and re-open it one time after updating to 5.16 if your notifications still don’t work.