Announcing WarLight 3.0: Win money from WarLight games!

Soon, WarLight will launch version 3.0, which will introduce a new game type: coin games. Coin games will award the winner real-life money!

How this works is simple: In a coin game, all players pay an entry fee when joining it, and if you win, you will receive WarLight coins. Coins can then be turned back into cash.

Here’s an example: The basic 1v1 coin game has an 80 coin entry fee. 80 coins is worth 80 cents ($0.80 USD). Two players join it, each paying 80 coins, and then they play out a normal WarLight game. The winner receives 144 coins.

WarLight coins can be used to join coin games, withdrawn into cash, or used to purchase the unlockables that WarLight sells (memberships, clans, strategy/map packs, etc.)

It’s worth noting that coins don’t give you any in-game advantages. WarLight is, and has always been, a pure strategy game — there is no way to buy your way to victory.

The 3.0 launch will have two templates that can be used for coin games: a 1v1 similar to the Strategic 1v1 template, and a 4-player FFA. Our intent is to start small and expand into more settings over time. For legal reasons, coin games will always have to use pure skill settings: 0% luck modifier, straight round, and no-luck cyclic move order.

It’s important to understand that this is not gambling. Although you do take a risk when you pay to join a game, WarLight coin games have no randomness, which causes them to be legally defined as a “game of skill.” It’s legal to play games of skill in most areas of the world, however some jurisdictions will be prohibited, such as the following US states: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Dakota, Vermont, and District of Columbia.

If you live in a prohibited jurisdiction, you will still be able to play coin games, you just won’t be able to turn coins back into cash. Instead, you can use your winnings to buy unlockables (memberships, clans, strategy/map packs, etc.)

Our goal is to launch 3.0 on Saturday (December 6th). More concrete details will be announced when it goes live. I hope you’re ready for the most intense games of WarLight you’ll ever play!

20 thoughts on “Announcing WarLight 3.0: Win money from WarLight games!”

  1. Awesome! Too bad I live in Illinois. :(
    What will prevent cherry-picking opponents? Beating up noobs does not seem fair at all…

    1. Let me put it his way. Fizzer won’t actively search for your actual location if you use a Proxy, and neither will the authorities ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Okay, first of all i’m quite skeptic.
    And after that i don’t understand the system. From where do i get my (first) coins? Do i have to pay for it? Or can i get them for achievements or in other matches?
    Why are 10% of the entry fee lost (okay, i think i know this answer ^^)
    Is this limited to predetermined maps or can the settings be used on others?
    I think there is more explanation needed (e.g. in which countries outside the USA you don’t get payed out)

    1. There will be some limited quantity of free coins, but there will not be much since coins are worth actual money, so if we gave out too much weโ€™d go bankrupt. The 16 cents in the example goes to keeping WarLight alive. When I say “template” above that includes the map, so initially only two maps will be available, but again we hope to add more over time.

  3. can we also use the coin to change our name? lol. Also, do people get some few amount of free coins? Last question i have is how we know if we are playing the game involving money? is there gonna be a bar for real time /multi day/ real time money/ multiday money?

    1. Yes, you can buy anything WarLight sells with coins, even name changes. There will be some limited quantity of free coins, but there will not be much since coins are worth actual money, so if we gave out too much we’d go bankrupt. Coin games are easily identified since they’ll have a big stack of coins next to their name — it will be obvious.

  4. many of the top players were actually waiting for this for a long time..

    nice :)

    and it’s both a great incentive for the competitive scene, and a great way for you to earn money..

  5. Awesome. And a release on my birthday ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m not sure I’ll be playing a lot, my 1v1 stats can show you why, but this does give me some good ideas for events.

    Will be we able to make our own games or are they just like auto-games. Can coins be transferred between players?

  6. Winner gets 160% of what you put in, loser gets robbed, and war light gets 20% from both players…they are robbing us worse than counter strike does on skins

      1. EDIT: sorry it’s straight up 10% because 10% + an additional “buy-in” of 10% raises the pot-value keeping it at 10%, winner gets 90% of the winnings (ex. 144/160)

    1. Nice math. The rake is 10%, not 20%. The house takes 10% of the total, winner gets 180% and loser gets nothing (as would be expected!)

  7. “The 3.0 launch will have two templates that can be used for coin games: a 1v1 similar to the Strategic 1v1 template, and a 4-player FFA.”

    The 1v1 might work very well, but I worry about the FFA: in a “no-coin” FFA, somebody having two alts and making it a 3v1 is childish, lame and annoying, but no real harm is done. On a coin game FFA, I’m afraid multi-accounting could become a serious problem…

  8. I think it’s an interesting concept. I appreciate everything you’re doing Fizzer and I hope this works out quite favorably.

  9. I think that this new game type is only for make money(I reffer to game creator).
    Two players paid in 1v1 0,80$, so there are in total 1,60$, and the winner gets 1,44$. The other 0,16$ where they go?

    1. To pay for the game you’re too cheap to pay for? These things don’t run for free and last I checked you can’t pay for rent with Warlight games

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