WarLight can now be accessed via https

You can now access the WarLight website with https using the url https://www.warlight.net!

https is the “secure” version of http, meaning that all of your traffic is encrypted which adds extra security. In plain http, the data your web browser sends to the WarLight server is not encrypted, so if someone was somehow able to see it, they could see what orders you were committing in a game, for example. This is usually only possible if they had control of a device that was routing your traffic, such as a wireless access point you were using. I’ve never heard of this actually happening on WarLight, but since it’s theoretically possible it’s worth fixing.

Eventually, it will be required for everyone to switch over to the https version. But for now, we’re in a transition period where both work, so you can choose which you’d like to use.

Please try it out and let me know if you run into any problems!

11 thoughts on “WarLight can now be accessed via https”

  1. Every time when I go to multiplayer then press the back button (still on WarLight), I need to sign in again. Other than that, good security update!

    1. I then emptied my cache and removed all website data. Then closed my browser, when back on multiplayer and the problem was fixed!

  2. Since 20 hours my opera has problems with the site, both http and https. Firefox works, but seems to be a bit slower than before. It looks like cloudfront.net was no good idea?

    1. Are you running any addons in Opera? For instance, I had to whitelist the new cloudfront domain in my script blocker (and then it worked perfectly again).

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