Warzone Idle Open Beta

Warzone Idle beta is now open to everyone, even if you’re not a member! If you’d like to be among the first to play it, make a post in the Warzone Idle Open Beta Signup Thread!

Fizzer Stream

To kick off the Warzone Idle Open Beta, I’ll be streaming at twitch.tv/FizzerWL on Tuesday at 11am pacific time. Use this link to see the time in your local timezone or a countdown. Hope to see you there!

Update 5.01.0

Since the beta started, I’ve been hard at work at fixing up all the rough edges that people have found. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone who is playing it!

Today launches the 10th update to the game. Today’s update is live on the website now, and will go live in the iOS/Android apps in the coming week.

Here’s a full list of everything that has changed:

– Idle: Every 20 seconds, the draft icon now sends out a visual pulse to make it easier to find.
– Idle: The resource tabs now always show resources that you have the recipe to make, so you can tell how much it would sell for without having to make one.
– Idle: The Coin Wheel now gives out Warzone Idle powers in addition to its normal coin rewards. All players must win a multi-player game to be able to spin (previously, accounts under level 7 did not need to win multi-player games to spin).
– Idle: The global chat raffle can now give out Warzone Idle rewards in addition to its coin rewards.
– Idle: Coin leaderboard now gives Warzone Idle rewards in addition to coins. Minimum coins needed to earn a rank reduced to 100.
– Idle: Re-generated challenge levels for balancing.
– Idle: Cost of the 30% additional AP purchase changed to 50 coins.
– Idle: Tournaments can now give its winners Warzone Idle rewards (only when created by an admin)
– Idle: Fixed the header of the “Items” tab so it makes it clear that some of those things are alloys and not items.
– Idle: Fixed the arena reward balloon so it doesn’t pop up behind the idle time dialog.
– Idle: Fixed phantom draft icon showing up after syncing from another device that already consumed the draft. Thanks to Super Smoove for reporting this.
– Idle: Fixed bonus animation so it doesn’t show up on bonuses worth 0. Thanks to Name for reporting this.
– Idle: Fixed bonus links being truncated instead of rounded.
– Idle: Fixed rounding issue on “additional mercenaries” AP that made it round 2.5% to 3%
– Idle: Fixed arenas giving error if you requested a game while another request was in-progress. Thanks to Southy for being the first to report this.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made the app not sync on startup if no level was in-progress the last time it saved. Thanks to Tulsi 2020 for reporting this.
– Idle: Fixed “parent is null” error. Thanks to Immovable Object for reporting this.
– iOS: Added option of signing in with Apple ID. This was done to satisfy Apple’s requirement.
– All: Increased real-time quickmatch match rate.
– All: Loading a list of quickmatch template’s on the Create Game screen now show the templates actually in quickmatch.
– All: Fixed the max players in a game when using invite-by-code with scenario distributions.
– All: Fixed the order of Confirm/Cancel buttons in the Create Game pages. Cancel should always be on the right.
– All: The “Configure teams dialog” now shows the “fixed teams” option even when in “invite by code” mode, and it just explains why you can’t use it.
– All: Fixed a caching bug that could make the surrender tutorial come up more times than it was intended to.
– All: Fixed tween null reference error. Thanks to Martel for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed a bug in map tessellation that made territories use the wrong winding rule. This fixes the “Gate of Mercy” territory in Ursa:Luna. Thanks to Perrin for reporting this.

1 thought on “Warzone Idle Open Beta”

  1. Thanks, Fizzer, for creating this and all the recent work you’ve been putting into it. I hadn’t played an idle game before and was a little leery about it going in. But now I’m addicted. I appreciate the connection you have between WI and classic WZ (or I still call it Warlight) through quick matches. It brings continuity between the platforms.

    Have you thought at all about WI playing into leveling up for players? Didn’t know if this would muddy the waters for the pure WZ elite.

    Thanks again.

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