Announcing Warzone Idle

I’m pleased to announce Warzone Idle! Now, you can conquer the world in your sleep! Warzone Idle is a new game using the Warzone engine. Check out this video to learn what it’s like:

Why make an idle game?

Warzone Idle complements Warzone Classic very well. As Warzone Classic is primarily a multi-player game, it means there’s always going to be some downtime while you wait for your opponents. This creates a perfect opportunity to swap to the idle game, re-invest your earnings, and swap back.

Further, I just love idle games. I play them often, and I’ve always wanted to make one. Warzone’s engine is perfectly suited for the task, so Warzone Idle was born!

How can I play it?

Soon, Warzone Idle will enter beta, and I will send out invites to players to help test the game before its official launch later this year. Warzone members will be the first to receive beta invitations, as a way of thanking them for supporting the game. So if you want to be among the first to play Warzone Idle, make sure you’re a member! Invites will be sent via Warzone mail. Stay tuned for more info!

18 thoughts on “Announcing Warzone Idle”

  1. Nice idle clicker game. Nifty way to make use of all the maps that exist.

    Speaking of… anyone know the map at 1:25 in the video?


  2. Interesting. Personally, I’ve never played many idle games so I’m coming into this with no preconceptions. I’ve played a couple levels of this so far. Will reply to the email I received with my impressions.

  3. Interesting, maps may need a rebalance. I’m on the second map, making ~58armies per second. Two if the next territories I need to conquer are 224K an 118K. It would take two hours to get enough armies to conquer those two territories.

    1. update:
      OK now all the “next territories” I have available to conquer are: 127K, 186K, 136K, 168K, 85K, 207K, 224K and 126K. At my current rate of building armies, it would take over six hours to get enough armies to conquer these.

      With my current limit of two hours of away time to build my resources, this map will take a very long time to complete.

  4. Sounds great! I would prefer an update to the main game though, (that tech tree sounds interesting) but I could definitely see myself playing this, do your enemies also generate armies? because if they don’t the game could just be tedious, but I think it would be cool if you had to plan the exact time you re-enter the game to strike over all though I am very interested to see where this goes.

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