Announcing Warzone Idle

I’m pleased to announce Warzone Idle! Now, you can conquer the world in your sleep! Warzone Idle is a new game using the Warzone engine. Check out this video to learn what it’s like:

Why make an idle game?

Warzone Idle complements Warzone Classic very well. As Warzone Classic is primarily a multi-player game, it means there’s always going to be some downtime while you wait for your opponents. This creates a perfect opportunity to swap to the idle game, re-invest your earnings, and swap back.

Further, I just love idle games. I play them often, and I’ve always wanted to make one. Warzone’s engine is perfectly suited for the task, so Warzone Idle was born!

How can I play it?

Soon, Warzone Idle will enter beta, and I will send out invites to players to help test the game before its official launch later this year. Warzone members will be the first to receive beta invitations, as a way of thanking them for supporting the game. So if you want to be among the first to play Warzone Idle, make sure you’re a member! Invites will be sent via Warzone mail. Stay tuned for more info!

9 thoughts on “Announcing Warzone Idle”

  1. Nice idle clicker game. Nifty way to make use of all the maps that exist.

    Speaking of… anyone know the map at 1:25 in the video?


  2. Interesting. Personally, I’ve never played many idle games so I’m coming into this with no preconceptions. I’ve played a couple levels of this so far. Will reply to the email I received with my impressions.

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