Update 5.19: Tabs!

Warzone version 5.19 brings a new feature for members: Tabs!

You’re likely already familiar with the concept of tabs from using web browsers. This update brings that feature to the Warzone Unity client so you can open different pages of the Warzone app within tabs. For example, you could have one tab with Warzone Idle, another with a real-time multi-player game you’re playing, another for browsing the forums, another with a private discussion you’re having, another with a multi-day 2v2 game you’re thinking about, etc.

Tabs can be enabled or disabled on the settings menu as long as you’re a a member and using version 5.19 or newer. When enabled, tabs will appear along the top along with a button to create a new tab and a close button on each tab. Tabs can be re-arranged by clicking+dragging them around.

Today, this feature is now available in the Standalone Cient, which is a downloadable version of Warzone for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you’re a member, give it a try and let me know what you think! In the future, I hope to also release this feature to the iOS and Android apps. This feature isn’t needed in the web-based version of the game since you can already use tabs there through your web browser.

Happy Warzoning!

3 thoughts on “Update 5.19: Tabs!”

  1. This is no offence, but don’t even call it a main update. Updates as big as 5.18 is enjoyed upon, but these should really just be called “5.18.1” as adding one new feature and calling it a new update is so overrated.
    Anyways, what’s up for 5.20 or 6.0?

  2. Thanks Fizzer, it’s a big one.
    My suggestions for improvement:
    1. [All] Option to open page (game etc) on tab directly from the link of our current tab instead of open new tab then search and open the page
    2. [All] Option to open on ‘Windows’ instead of tabs, each window can be moved and sized independently, it will allow us to see multiple pages at the same time and also provide support for multiple monitors environment
    3. [Idle] Allow to open each level of our multiple levels on their own tabs/windows
    4. [All] iOS and Androids support please
    5. [Idle] iOS and Androids Idle apps support please

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