Update 5.19.1: 200 player games, chat sound, auto dig, advanced auto conquer

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.19.1! This blog post describes what’s changed.

200 Player Games

Mega Games, the feature that was released in 5.18, has now had its limit increased! That means that Warzone Classic games can now support up to a whopping 200 players! You must be running version 5.19.1 or newer to create the games, but anyone running 5.18.0 or higher can join and play them without any issues.


Tabs were previously announced, but whereas they were previously Standalone-only, now they are coming to iOS and Android too! On iOS and Android, they are disabled by default and need to be enabled by visiting the Settings menu and checking the checkbox named “Tabs”. The checkbox will only appear if you’re a member.

Chat Sound

If you have a Warzone Classic game open when another player sends chat to it, a small sound is now played to help alert you to it.

Auto-Dig Advancement

Warzone Idle has a new advancement in phase 4: Auto Dig!

One of the design goals of Warzone Idle is that the game should be possible to automate itself. You’ll see this already in many of the “Auto” advancements that exist, such as auto-smelter, auto-upgrade army camps, etc. The design behind these advancements is that they should never be as efficient as a human playing the game manually, but they give you a way to automate parts that you don’t want to do if you’re willing to accept the efficiency loss. For example, if you grow tired of switching your smelters when they run out of a resource, you can enable auto-smelter and don’t have to do it anymore.

Auto Dig is a new advancement that handles the digging of artifacts for you. If you can start a dig in a level, it will automatically start that dig for you. Also, if you have a pending artifact that needs to be claimed at the time when auto-dig would start a dig, it will automatically claim that artifact for you and place it in your artifact inventory. So this new advancement doubles as an auto-claim-artifact advancement.

Advanced Auto Conquer

Warzone Idle has a new advancement in phase 4: Advanced Auto Conquer!

This advancement works like the existing Auto Conquer advancement, except that it’s much more intelligent about what order it conquers territories. For example, it will tend to prioritize conquers that take advantage of joint strike, and it will also prioritize conquers that give it useful assets like army camps.

Other Changes

– Classic: Cleaned up the text that gets displayed before playing a card on a couple cards.
– Classic: Fixed wasteland icon sometimes appearing on a custom scenario game.
– Classic: Fixed a bug with mods that made structures not get added sometimes when they were supposed to.
– Classic: Fixed “try again” button giving errors if you are in an SP game where you haven’t unlocked one of the features that game uses.
– Website: UJS pages now display a more accurate title of each page.
– Website: Fixed a bug with mods that defined Server_AdvanceTurn.lua but not Server_AdvanceTurn_Order.
– Website: Fixed text next to mega games on the multi-player dashboard so it’s correctly spaced.
– Website: Fixed a bug that made some clicks not register as being over the map when near a dialog with a scrollable region.
– Unity: The camera now retains it position for each page, which means it will stay in the same place you left it when you navigate to a different page, zoom/pan around, then return to the original page.
– Idle: Tweaked maximum upgrade of a couple visibility advancements so they divide evenly into 3.
– All: Warzone accounts can now be deleted at https://www.warzone.com/Account/Delete or via the iOS/Android settings menu.

Rollout of 5.19.1

This update to the app contains a lot of internal code changes, which was necessary to make the tabs feature work. Because of that, this version of the app will intentionally be rolled out more slowly than normal, so expect that it could take up to 4 weeks or so for all iOS and Android devices to be offered the update.

Note: If you play idle on multiple devices, it is recommended that you don’t unlock either of the new advancements until all devices you play idle from are updated to 5.19.1 or newer.

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  1. Wow you sure keep on rolling the updated out
    I am curious how tabs on phone will work because the current mobile version has so much in it and designed so very cleverly for the amount it crams in

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