Update 5.18: 100 player games!

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.18.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Mega Games

When creating multi-player Warzone classic games, a new option exists called Mega Games which allows for games to be created with more players than was previously possible. Without Mega Games, Warzone supports up to 40 players per game, but Mega Games can go up to 100 players, with the hope of allowing even more than 100 in the future!

Mega Games work just like normal games with the following exceptions:

  • In order to ensure every player’s territories look different on the map, new colors have been added that have patterns on them, such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, squares, circles, triangles, etc.
  • You must be using version 5.18.0 of the app or higher to create or join a mega game. For this reason, it’s recommended to wait until Feb 11th 2022 or so before starting to make them, since before that the iOS/Android app won’t be updated yet and therefore only web players will be able to join them.
  • Open seats never expire on Mega Games, so the game won’t ever expire from the Open Games list until it fills. The creator of a Mega Game can always start it early by using the Start Game button if they don’t want to wait for it to fill
  • Mega Games automatically use open seats for filling all seats. Therefore, you can’t create a private one
  • Mega Games are automatically advertised on the Multi-Player Dashboard page, so they should get a lot of visibility to help them fill quickly
  • No fixed teams: they must either be an FFA or use random teams
  • No custom scenarios
  • No coin entry fees. Can still have a coin prize
  • No real-time: They must be multi-day.
  • No mods for now
  • They cost coins to create
    • The option for creating a Mega Game is listed on the normal Create Multi-Player Game page, directly below “Invite via code”. This option only appears if you’re using version 5.18.0 of the app or higher and have at least 300 coins.

      Other Changes

      – All: If a game was made from a template, then the template was later changed, and you try to make a copy of that game’s settings, Warzone will now detect this situation and give you the option of copying the game or the template, rather than always copying the template.
      – All: Increased map SVG size limit from 2.5mb to 3.0mb. Increased maximum number of territories from 3500 to 4000.
      – All: Fixed “Finish versus AI” on modded games.
      – Website: Added template names to each season of the seasonal ladder.
      – Android: Fixed a bug with territory links on some devices.
      – Mods: Non-supported colors for buttons now make the button appear gray instead of broken. See wiki for a full list of working colors.

8 thoughts on “Update 5.18: 100 player games!”

  1. thank you Fizzer for making this possible! bigger games in terms of player count AND map size are things many people have been waiting for for years, thanks for making it happen!

  2. Can this be set up where teams can be picked and not only random teams. Even if it’s direct invite. Have lots of interest in clans competing against each other and non clans too. Since it costs to create these games we would like a little more flexibility on that part please. Lot’s of excitement about being able to play big games like this.

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