Update 5.09: Coin game updates, tournament filter

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.09.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website and standalone clients have been updated to this version now. The Android and iOS apps will be updated within the next week or so.

Coin Games

It’s now possible to create coin games directly in the Create Game page instead of having to use a special dedicated Create Coin Game page.

When creating a multi-player game, if you have at least 3 coins you’ll now see a new section labeled “Coin Settings”. Here you can specify whether your game is a coin game or not. Prior to this update, creating a coin game required going to a special Create Custom Coin Game page on the website which was confusing and didn’t allow for modifying your game settings directly on that page.

This method uses the exact same coin structure and settings restrictions as what was previously possible under the “Custom Coin Games” page.

In addition to specifying the entry fee in this new section, it’s now possible to donate additional coins to the winner of your game. This works just like how it has always worked for tournaments, except at the game level. this also means that now, for the first time, it’s possible to have free-to-enter coin games, just like tournaments.

App and Website Parity

By adding the coin game controls directly into the Create Game page, it also means that now the iOS/Android app can create coin games! This feature was previously only possible on the website.

This takes us one step closer to my long-standing goal to have feature parity between the mobile app and the website. We’re not there yet, but every step brings us closer. You may remember the previous update brought clan management features into the app, and late last year the app gained the ability to browse achievements. I also make sure new features work in both places, which is part of this goal.

It’s a valuable goal since there are actually more users of the app than the website, and I expect that it will only skew even more towards mobile in the future.

Filter Eliminated Tournaments

When you browse to the “My Tournaments” section of the app or website, it will no longer show you tournaments that you’ve been eliminated from, or round-robin tournaments where you’ve completed all of your games.

Prior to this update, it would show you all tournaments that you joined that were still active, even if you personally were no longer active in them.

You can still find these tournaments by going to the Past Tournaments section.

This is an improvement to the page as it helps keep only the tournaments you care about around on the page.

Other Changes

– Classic: Increased maximum size of public tournaments from 256 to 512 players.
– Classic: The My Games section now shows “View Final Turn” for games that you haven’t viewed the last turn of.
– Classic: Clicking a neutral during territory picking no longer highlights the green territories. Instead, if you do it too much, it now pops up a message telling you to pick the green territories to help newbies figure out what to do.
– Classic: Fixed clock hover dialog from opening and closing rapidly in games with lots of players.
– All: The clan chat announcement when a player joins an open clan now links to their name so you can view their profile easier.
– All: When a player joins a new clan while in an existing one, it now sends a message to the old clan’s chat room so it can be seen that they left.
– Unity/UJS: Made subtle graphical improvements to many different parts of the UI.
– Idle: Added battle targeting option for “Fewest unconquered armies”. It will be enabled once the update is rolled out to all platforms.
– Idle: Auto-conquer no longer causes the conquered territory to appear in the inspect area at the bottom. This helps make battles less chaotic.
– Idle: The Powers and Advancements tabs now have a maximum width to keep them from stretching too much on big screens.
– Idle: Fixed floating red number that would appear in the rare case that you could afford a tech via resource caches before conquering your first mine.
– Idle: You now get an explanation if you try to use a Skip Level power while you have all levels unlocked.
– Unity: Added support for a new custom map format that will improve the layering graphical glitches. It will be enabled in the future.
– Unity: Removed the “Keep me signed in” checkbox when signing in by email. It will always keep you signed in until you click Sign Out.
– UJS: Added word-break to fix clans with long words from pushing their text off the screen.
– Website: Fixed errant Real-Time Ladder tab on the Community dashboard.

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