Update 5.08: Clan updates

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.08.0! This update makes a bunch of improvements to clans and also fixes a bunch of bugs and rough edges. This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website and standalone clients have been updated to this version now. The Android and iOS apps will be updated within the next week or so.

Open Clans

One of the most common questions I see from new Warzone players is: “How do I join a clan?” Prior to this update, there was never a very good answer.

Now, we have a solution! Clan managers can open their clan by selecting the new “Open Clan” button on the clan page. When your clan is open, any Warzone player you don’t have on your block list will be allowed to join your clan by visiting your clan page and clicking Join Clan.

In addition, there’s a new “Join a Clan” button that appears under your name in the top right on the website, or by clicking the head button in the top right corner of the mobile app. Clicking “Join a Clan” presents you a list of all open clans, so you can pick one you’d like and join it right away.

This will enable many more people to get involved in clans and the Warzone community who found it unapproachable before.

Open clans will automatically close after 30 days. Any manager can re-open it after the 30 days passes if you want it to stay open longer. This is just done to ensure the open clan list stays fresh and doesn’t list clans that aren’t active anymore.

Open clans will also automatically close if they reach 40 players. Clans with more than 40 players can’t be opened, as it’s better to encourage having a variety of clans rather than a few enormous ones.

Clan Recovery

If a clan creator is no longer in their clan, or loses manager rights for any reason, they can now recover their manager rights by clicking the new “Recover Clan” button on the clan’s page.

Other Clan Improvements

All clan management features have been added to the mobile app! This means that clan creators and managers who use the app can now manage their clan without switching to the website.

When inviting players to your clan, you can now search for players by name instead of requiring them to be added to your friends list first.

As a clan manager, when removing players from your clan, it now shows if the player is inactive which makes it easy to trim out players who don’t play anymore.

The main clan page on the website, as well as the clan management pages, have been updated to use the UJS-powered equivilant pages. This helps when adding new features to clans since we won’t have duplicate functionality between the app and website.

Reduced the price of creating a new clan by 33%. Newly created clans are now limited to 40 players. Clans created before this update continue to have no limit.

Battle Indicator

When playing Idle, it now checks periodically to see if a battle is starting. If one is, and you’re eligible to join it, an icon will appear on the map to notify you about it. This helps players know when they can join a battle rather then expecting them to remember what time they start and visit the main menu at that time.

Also related to battles: There’s now a checkbox in the app settings that lets you disable the balloons that come up during battles to let you know you earned an attack.

Other Changes

– Idle: Fixed artifacts saying they had a 24 hour cooldown when they really had a 16 hour cooldown.
– Idle levels 14: All levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 14. Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.
– Idle levels 14: Techs are now much cheaper.
– Idle levels 14: Removed a duplicate bonus in Reconquest and Rise and Fall levels.
– Idle levels 14: Tweaked economy so its growth is less exponential over the course of a level. This should help keep items relevant for longer instead of being immediately replaced in value as soon as the next item is unlocked.
– Idle levels 14: Tweaked quantity of ingredients to smelters/crafters.
– Idle: Sorted the resources shown for each recipe in the Change Recipe dialog so that it’s consistent with other places within the app.
– Idle: Changed border color of techs you can afford from green to red to aid people with color blindness.
– Idle: Fixed the bottom tabs not being able to open far enough, and sometimes not being able to scroll to the bottom, on small phones in landscape orientation.
– Idle: Fixed text centering on the active dig area label.
– Idle: Fixed the idle app being able to join tournaments or open games, since they’d have no way to recall those games in the future. It now tells you to join them on the main Warzone app.
– Idle: Fixed the recipe stats dialog so it maintains your sort while clicking Refresh.
– Idle: Removed the autopilot button from non-members in the Idle app since the Idle app doesn’t have the ability to purchase membership.
– Idle: Removed the bonus level as it was a temporary feature.
– Idle: Fixed showing bonuses that had no rewards in the territory inspection.
– Idle: Fixed battles showing the wrong message if they fill up without you in them.
– Idle: Fixed “defeat all levels twice” achievement.
– Idle: Increased cost of buying from markets slightly.
– Idle: Hid player levels in Warzone Idle app since they have no meaning there.
– All: Fixed the “could not connect” message when your client was out of date instead of the correct message telling you to update.
– All: Fixed paging on pages like Open Games and My Games: when going to a later page and later returning when there are fewer items, it will now reset you to the first page rather than be empty.
– All: Fixed sign in with Facebook on Classic and Idle apps not signing into the same Warzone account.
– Classic: Improved the spacing and sizes of elements along the top bar of the main game to make everything space better for small phones in portrait mode.
– Map design: If a new map has multiple bonuses that define the exact same territories, it will now notify you of this and let you fix it before submitting.
– Map design: If a new map has multiple issues preventing it from being valid, the game will now list all of them instead of just the first one that was found.
– Unity: Lightened the color of blue links in discussion pages to make it easier to read.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that could make the clan chat room not recognize when you changed clans.
– Unity: Fixed team round-robin brackets so they don’t go off the top or bottom of the screen.
– Website: Fixed a bug with establishing a password for a Facebook account via the website.
– Website: Removed Facebook links from profile pages since they didn’t work anymore due to Facebook privacy changes.
– UJS: Fixed bonus links being slightly off-center.
– iOS: Fixed ad position on iPhone 12.
– iOS: Fixed crash that sometimes happened when rotating the device.
– iOS: Fixed sign in with apple on Warzone Classic and Warzone Idle not signing into the same Warzone account.

6 thoughts on “Update 5.08: Clan updates”

  1. I’m glad to see that the clan system is improving. I hope that more changes in this direction are planned in the near future. The better visibility of clans is in any case a very good step.

  2. Good update. I have to comment on the color blindness change, though. 99% or more of people with color blindness are red/green colorblind, which means they see other colors, but see red and green as the same. Those with red cone deficiency often see the color red as black, so changing the color to red would actually be worse. If you want to choose a color that color blind people can see, I would suggest blue or violet.

    1. The colors in question here are red/yellow. It used to be green/yellow which is what I got a complaint about. Is red/yellow a problem for you?

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