Update 5.06: Artifacts

Warzone Idle beta is still in full swing! As a reminder, this beta is open to everyone, even if you’re not a member. If you’d like to be among the first to play it, make a post in the Warzone Idle Open Beta Signup Thread!

Update 5.06.0

Since the beta started, I’ve been hard at work at improving the game. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone who is playing it!

Today launches the 20th update to the game. Today’s update is live on the website now. These changes will come to the Android and iOS app in the coming week or so.


Artifacts are the biggest feature to come to Warzone Idle since the beta launched!

When exploring a map, you now may come across a Dig Site. Digging here will unearth a valuable artifact, which have varying effects. Here are some examples:

Like advancements, artifacts are permanent. Once you get one you have it forever. You can have up to three artifacts equipped at any time. Any times/durations listed related to artifacts are in real-world time, not based on your idle time limit.

I’ll leave most of the details of Artifacts for players to discover rather than spoiling it all here. Happy digging!

Other Changes

– Idle: Added a “Locate” button in the hospital info dialog that will highlight the hospital location on the map.
– Idle: Increased resources received from market raids.
– Idle: All levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 10. Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.
– Idle: Increased duration of supercharge mine power.
– Idle: Increased effectiveness of hospital upgrades.
– Idle: Tuned sell prices of ores to be more consistent throughout a level.
– Idle: Tuned army camp formula to make army camp upgrades more meaningful, especially high level ones.
– Idle: Powers that you can’t claim now show up on the map, so that you can click on it and learn why you can’t claim it, rather than wondering why there are no powers in a level.
– Idle: Increased auto-sync frequency and streamlined the game saving process to increase reliability.
– Idle: Fixed size of resource caches.
– Idle: Fixed showing upgrade details on a maxed hospital.
– Idle: Fixed hospital sorting.
– Idle: Fixed “find” button on hospitals.
– Idle: Fixed tech prerequisites.
– Idle: Fixed very early-level caches being too big.
– Idle: Fixed market frequency.
– Idle: Fixed negative mercenary costs.
– Idle: Fixed “token not in cache” error.
– Idle: Fixed negative large number formatting. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.
– UJS: Images are now sized more appropriately for better performance.
– All: Fixed “armies per turn” label when inspecting bonuses in the custom scenario viewer. Thanks to Sick for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed a bug if a real-time quickmatch game starts right as you click to another scene, such as the mail scene, that would prevent the app from showing you the game when you went back.

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