Update 5.04: Rewarded bonuses, statistics

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Update 5.04

Since the beta started, I’ve been hard at work at improving the game. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone who is playing it!

Today launches the 15th update to the game. Today’s update is live on the website now, and will go live in the iOS/Android apps in the coming week.

Rewarded Bonuses

Prior to this update, the only thing you’d ever get from conquering a bonus is a source of money. Now, bonuses can have any reward, just like territories.

For example, here you can see Australia in the tutorial level now gives a cache as its reward for conquering it:

Once you start a new level after installing the update, take a look around the map at the bonuses and see what rewards await you!

Statistics Advancement

A new advancement has been added to the Advancements tab: Statistics! Unlocking the statistics advancement will unlock all sorts of interesting details that you can see about your empire. Some examples of things you can see:

  • Reveals how much ore or armies an upgrade to a mine or army camp will give if you purchase it.
  • Reveals how many armies the Joint Strike advancement has saved you in the current level.
  • Reveals how much ore you’re generating per second of each ore type.
  • Reveals stats about recipes you’ve found. Shows the cost of its ingredients, profit, profit per second, number you have the resources to make, how many of your smelters/crafters are already working on that recipe, and how many are needed for all un-purchased techs that you can see.
  • Reveals all techs included in your current level and their requirements.
  • Reveals how many armies are visible on unconquered territories on the map.
  • Reveals stats about each level: How many times you’ve played it, won it, what powers you’ve earned from it, how much AP you’ve earned from it.

Note that some information, such as the sources of your money and armies, has also been moved to be an unlockable in the Statistics Advancement. Prior to this update, this information was available without needing to spend AP on an advancement. I understand this may be frustrating to players to have to spend AP to get something they previously had for free, but in the long run it will be better since it gives more value to the advancement and helps reduce data-overload for new players.

Other Changes

– Idle: All levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were already in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 6. Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.
– Idle: Auto-conquer now shows the conquer animation.
– Idle: Adjusted armies received from caches so they total about 17-22% of the armies you get from a level.
– Idle: Removed one-territory bonuses on the map Orbis Veteribus Notus.
– Idle: Made “Skip level” power slightly less likely to come up from daily bonuses.
– Idle: Fixed display of resources so they’ll never round up. If you have 1.6 copper bars it will now show 1 instead of 2.
– Idle: Fixed distribution of powers and arenas so they’re more spread out throughout a level. Thanks to hexe for reporting this.
– Idle: Fixed 10k and 100k achievement typo, they’re actually 10m and 100m.
– Idle: Fixed sell price of early ores in big levels so they can go below 1.
– Idle: Fixed spelling of Lens. Thanks to jss for reporting this.
– Idle UJS: The market and mercenary camp now support pressing the Enter button to confirm purchases.
– Idle UJS: Fixed market text box not defaulting to a number upon selecting a resource.
– Unity: Fixed “Could not connect” dialog appearing when playing offline.
– All: Fixed a bug with the non-random AI that made it inconsistent when there were no bonuses. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.

4 thoughts on “Update 5.04: Rewarded bonuses, statistics”

  1. Updates sound good. Maybe give a free AP reset to all players for those that may have chosen differently due to your AP changes for statistics?

  2. It seems to me that the change in ore production for a mine upgrade, or the change in army production for a camp upgrade, should be free information. It’s a weird leap of faith to not know what you’re buying with an upgrade. I can’t think of any other game that willfully hides that kind of information.

  3. RE: “Maybe give a free AP reset to all players for those that may have chosen differently due to your AP changes for statistics?”

    Or better yet, give free Statistics AP Advancements to beta players as a thank you for testing & reporting issues with the game. (;

  4. RE: “– Idle: Adjusted armies received from caches so they total about 17-22% of the armies you get from a level.”

    As has been stated before, duration time required to clear a level remains constant when making changes and rebalancing/regenerating maps – so if armies in caches is reduced, what has increased to compensate so clear time remains the same? Army camp buff?

    Caches did give to many armies, but army camps give far too few armies.

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