Update 5.03

Warzone Idle beta is still in full swing! As a reminder, this beta is open to everyone, even if you’re not a member. If you’d like to be among the first to play it, make a post in the Warzone Idle Open Beta Signup Thread!

Update 5.03

Since the beta started, I’ve been hard at work at improving the game. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone who is playing it!

Today launches the 14th update to the game. Today’s update is live on the website now, and will go live in the iOS/Android apps in the coming week.


This update does a major (and hopefully the final) re-balancing of the levels. The goals of this update are:

  1. Fix higher bar smelting recipes that require insane amounts of resources (Silver Bar, Gold Bar, etc). They should be more reasonable to finish.
  2. Fix unprofitable recipes. The goal is for all recipes to be profitable, meaning that the resource that it produces sells for more than the resources it consumes plus some profit for the time spent smelting or crafting. Generally, the longer a recipe takes to complete the more profitable it should be.
  3. Fix the “late game” problem, where people report they’re out of upgrades and just have to wait to finish the last empty territories on the map.
  4. Balance smelter and crafter activity. The amount of ore you get versus how much more your smelters can consume has been balanced. Too little ore would mean your smelters can never stay active, too much ore and the smelter game isn’t fun as they never run out. Same thing for crafters and their ingredients.
  5. Balance tech requirements. Techs should require the items that are hardest to produce, but not make them so hard that they can’t be reasonably completed.

It’s important to note that the time it takes to complete a level was NOT changed in this update. All levels have a target time-to-finish, and this hasn’t changed at all since the game launched. The goal of these tweaks is not to make the levels take longer or go quicker. In fact, they should stay exactly the same length. Warzone Idle’s level generation algorithm handles this automatically. For example, if a tweak caused armies to be received faster, then army costs of territories will go up to balance things out. If a tweak caused recipes to be more profitable, then costs of upgrading assets will go up to balance it out. etc.

As a result of this balancing, all levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were already in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 5.

Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.

Other Changes

– Idle: When purchasing from markets, you can now type in a number to purchase into a text box instead of using the slider.
– Idle: Fog buster now reveals 20% of the map instead of 25%.
– Idle: Cache production tech changed to 50%
– Idle: The app now runs more verifications to protect against level corruption.
– Idle: Revised the Help menu to make it more concise and ensured that it’s relevant when viewed from WZC vs WZI.
– Idle: Fixed mine visibility advancement giving one less visibility than it was supposed to. Thanks to Dekkers for reporting this.
– Idle: Fixed level AP rewards. All levels were also re-balanced based on this new reward structure.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that made caches increase income temporarily. Thanks to Derfellios for reporting this.
– Idle: Fixed daily bonus achievements.
– Idle UJS: Fixed images for high level ores.
– Idle UJS: Fixed sorting of high-value resources. Thanks to jss for reporting this.
– Idle UJS: Fixed achievements earned while offline not being awarded when you come back online. Thanks to Njord for reporting this.
– All: Fixed Like button appearing for non-public community levels. Thanks to NGUA for reporting this.
– All: Fixed a bug that could cause an error if you were playing orders from history when the game ends.
– All: Fixed the map designer so it now gives a more friendly error if you use a bonus that can’t be made into a bonus link, or if multiple bonuses resolve to the same bonus link id. Thanks to RicklePick for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed unearned achievements sometimes showing one you’ve already earned.
– Unity: Fixed a bug with editing community levels that caused an error if you closed dialogs out of order. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.

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