Update 4.08: UJS nearing completion!

Warzone has just been updated to 4.08.0! This update adds a bunch of features to the new UJS client.

UJS Create Game

When your account is in UJS mode, selecting Create Game under the multi-player menu, or Custom Game under Single Player, will now launch the new Create Game UI. This UI is much easier to use than the old Flash one, and also supports all the new Unity features such as commerce games and mods.

It’s similar to what you would see if you were in Unity mode, except that it loads in a fraction of a second instead of in over 30 seconds!

More importantly, this reduces our dependency on Flash even further. Now, the only thing that Warzone still depends on Flash for is for map creation.

Other UJS Improvements

– UJS: Implemented the add/remove players button in lobby.
– UJS: The app now sets the page URL so that game links can always be accessed from the address bar, just like Flash does.
– UJS: Made some optimizations for faster performance on all UJS pages.
– UJS: External links now open in a new window.
– UJS: Fixed team brackets in the lobby.

What’s next

The next step for UJS is to implement toasts, the level up screen, and the quickmatch template unlock screen. Toasts are the small popups in the top right that notify you when you receive points or unlock an achievement. This is the last thing to add to UJS before it can be declared feature-complete.

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