Update 4.08.1: UJS is now the default mode for new players

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.08.1! This update brings more features to UJS, and a few fixes and improvements to the website. Here’s what’s changed:

– UJS: UJS is now the default web mode for new players.
– UJS: Added toasts (boxes in the top right that tell you when you earn points or unlock achievements)
– UJS: Added level-up dialog.
– UJS: Added rules dialog for new players.
– UJS: Added quickmatch-template-unlock notification dialog.
– UJS: Added announcement support.
– UJS: Quickmatch real-time games now load in-process instead of redirecting. This improves performance and also makes the close button take you back to quickmatch instead of the multi-player dashboard.
– UJS: Fixed editing community level AI names and colors. Removed obsolete “edit details” link.
– UJS: Fixed editing custom scenarios with special units.
– Website: Removed “Promoted games” section of multi-player dashboard. These games are now included in the “Open Games” section.
– Website: Added a link to quickmatch on the multi-player dashboard.
– Website: Updated multi-player dashboard to use bootstrap for its layout.
– Website: The home page’s Play Now button now takes you straight to the tutorial for first-time visitors. It still takes you to the single player main menu once you’ve played at least one single-player game.
– Website: Fixed a bug that made Share On Facebook not work for players who didn’t sign into Warzone through Facebook.
– QM: Fixed a rare bug that could cause quickmatch to give an error. Thanks to DESTRUCTION for reporting this.
– Flash: When accessing commerce games or games with mods, it will now prompt you to open them in UJS intead of Unity.

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