Update 4.08.2: UJS officially launched, app update

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.08.2! This update marks the official launch of the UJS client!

The UJS client is the best way to play Warzone from computers (from iOS or Android you should continue to use the app.) It loads much more quickly than the Flash or Unity clients, and also don’t require a plugin like the Flash client does.

All players switched into UJS mode

Shortly after this update goes live, I’ll switch all players who play on the website to use the new UJS client instead of the old Flash/Unity clients.

Of course, you can always switch back if you have an issue with it. But if you do, please let me know why!

App Update

Version 4.08.2 of the Android and iOS apps will be delivered to the app stores soon. This version fixes a bunch of bugs (basically all of the non-critical bugs that have been reported to me while I was busy working on UJS). For the full list of fixes, see the Changelog below.

What’s next

This update marks a major turning point in the history of Warzone. With the UJS client fixing the slow-Unity-WebGL-performance problem, it means that we have finally accomplished the goal of the 2-year Unity project: One user interface that works well on all platforms (iOS/Android/Web).

What does this mean for the future? It means we can finally get back to adding new features! For the first time in two years, my primary focus is adding to the game again. I’m excited to get back to it, as it’s what I love doing.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m going to start streaming my development of Warzone again, as I did last year. I’m not announcing yet what the first feature I’ll be working on is. You’ll have to tune into the stream to find out!

Most of the streams will take place from around 1pm to around 5pm PST. They’ll be broadcast at twitch.tv/FizzerWL so give a follow if you want to be notified when they go live. I plan to begin as soon as I can finish the aforementioned iOS/Android update.

Exciting times are ahead!

Full Changelog

– Website: Moved “Custom Game” link from the bottom of the play page to the single-player drop-down menu.
– Unity: Updated Unity to 2017.4.10f1.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that could cause chat to overlap the game when rotating your device.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that could cause the app to temporarily freeze while websockets were connecting.
– Unity: Tweaked number of tick marks on the graphs to better accommodate small phones.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that caused Small Earth Board Map to have some flickering on Moto G phones. Thanks to Karl for reporting this.
– Unity: If maps can’t be downloaded due to your device’s date/time being set incorrectly, the app now notifies you of this instead of giving an generic error.
– Unity WebGL: Fixed a bug that allowed pasting more text into a text box than was allowed, resulting in errors.
– Unity/UJS: Chat no longer scrolls to the bottom if it’s not already near the bottom. This allows you to scroll up and read earlier chat without it jumping back to the bottom when someone says something.
– Unity/UJS: Fixed a bug that could cause an error in commerce NLC games.
– Unity/UJS: Fixed a bug that caused an error when inserting invalid numbers into card weight box. Thanks to ReddRush1 for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed minification bug for improved performance. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.

Prior to this update, there were three small big-fix updates that weren’t big enough to deserve a blog post on their own. Here’s the change logs from them:
– UJS: Open Games list now returns commerce and modded games.
– UJS: Fixed a bug that made the Commerce Game checkbox not appear in Army Settings.
– Flash: Fixed “Open in UJS” link.
– UJS: Enabled blockade dialog, as well as many other dialogs, to be draggable by their header. This makes them easier to move around. Thanks to elbee for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed double question mark in single-player game URLs. Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed enter key inserting newlines into chat box. Thanks to 89thlap for reporting this.
– Website: On the Switch Mode page, removed the word “default” from next to Unity and put it next to UJS.
– UJS: Adjusted the way the chat button responds to clicks+drags to make it more reliable to click. Thanks to krunx for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed loading community level saves. Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed sorting friends on Create Game page. Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed searching for friends on the Create Game page. Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
– Website: Fixed tournament names. Thanks to celticfridge for reporting this.

2 thoughts on “Update 4.08.2: UJS officially launched, app update”

  1. Hey Fizzer,

    u doing a great job for all this years and i love this game.
    But i cant play that UJS.
    You know, im a designer and sry to say, the look of it its like an japanese dollhouse. To much uncoordinated colours.
    I miss the clear and easy structure of the flash version. very dificult for me to have an overview. I mean in the flash version we have that legend on the left side. All i need in a game is there in this pop up except the single chat-button. But its nice to have it alone.
    Generally i dont think there is a need to change the design. from time to time. Never change a winning team. But i would like to have an extra dashboard – button on the Top beside “single player” . Its enough place for it. :)
    Keep on Rockin

  2. That UJS thing does indeed load very fast but the gameplay is ultra laggy on my thinkpad (i5 CPU, 16GB Ram, AMD Radeon graphic card) playing the 1v1 ladder.

    Gameplay on bigger maps like Switzerland-Big is annoying. Realtime would almost be impossible. Are there any options to reduce graphic details, fps or something that might enhance performance a bit?

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