Warzone (WarLight 2) is now live!!

I’m pleased to announce that WarLight’s first official sequel, Warzone, has now arrived!

Warzone builds upon WarLight, adding tons of new features and capabilities, while retaining all of the amazing maps and gameplay that WarLight built.

New Features

  • The entire game has been re-written from scratch in Unity for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux). The game is sleeker, easier to use, and is all around a much better experience.
  • Quickmatch makes it easy to jump into multi-player games! No longer do you have to search through a list of open games. Just click Play, and you’re playing a fun multi-player game!
  • Commerce games adds an economy to your empire. Build cities to tax to afford more armies, but be sure to defend them!
  • Mods allow customizing the game in ways never before imagined! Mods are easy to use — there’s nothing to download or install, and they even work on iOS and Android!
  • In team games, your teammates’ orders are displayed right on the screen so you can see where your teammates are attacking or what territories they’re picking with ease!
  • If you change another player’s color, it now saves that change so you don’t need to do it again in that game
  • Games don’t have a refresh button anymore. Warzone keeps a socket connected to the server, so any time a turn advances or chat message comes in, it appears immediately.
  • When starting a game, your starting territories are highlighted and zoomed so you can always know where you start
  • Watching attack and deployment animations groups them together so it plays out faster
  • Best of all, it’s still free! If you’ve purchased or unlocked anything for your WarLight account, such as a membership or colors, it will still be fully usable in Warzone with no additional fees.
  • And more! There are many more improvements not mentioned here.

iOS or Android user?

Do you play WarLight on your iOS or Android device? Warzone will blow your mind!

In addition to getting all of the above features, there’s a slew of new stuff specifically for mobile users:

  • Make your own single-player levels, or play those created by the community!
  • Link territories in chat!
  • Easily see territory names and connections with the new magnifying glass button!
  • When building custom scenarios, you can assign bonuses all at once
  • Use autopilot to allow the AI to enter orders for you
  • A new, mobile-friendly, website
  • Spin the Coin Wheel to win free coins!

    The coin wheel can be spun via the Android or iOS app after each multi-player win, max once every 20 hours, after watching a short video. Use these coins to play coin games or tournaments, or spend them in the Warzone store!

The new website and WebGL version of the Unity version is live now! If you want to try it out, select your name in the upper right corner and select “Switch to Unity”. You can always switch back to Flash using the same process. For the best experience, I recommend installing the Nightly version of FireFox as it’s much faster than other browsers at loading Unity apps.

The Android app will go live within a couple hours. The iOS app will go live within 3-7 days due to Apple’s review process.

71 thoughts on “Warzone (WarLight 2) is now live!!”

  1. why will they ever be non member the point of the mods was so the community could create there own game mods if anything this will dived the community

  2. Looks pretty cool so far.

    The Filter REALLY needs an update. Chat games (or any game you surrender, but your team still needs feedback) are not shown in any filter. Please give us a filter that is just active games that I did not decline, so we can see surrendered games still until they end.

  3. Alas, so far doesn’t work. Tried two different browsers (Firefox & IE), no luck. Flash blocking disabled of course. Maps fail to load. How do you return to old Warlight?

      1. I have the same problem. The game/map will not load… Sometimes this would happen on War Light, but after rebooting the computer, the problem usually resolved itself, but this time, I already rebooted the computer, and it still will not load the game/map. What seems to be the hold up? Some sort of flash issue?

      2. I figured it out… You have to manually allow plugins by clicking the settings area in the top left area of the tab, and allow permission for it to run Adobe Flash.

  4. hey,

    is there a chance you could make the standalone version highlithed on the loading screen when you try to open the webgl. In comparison the standalone verson is so much faster at least for me. Not only because I do not want to switch to Firefox.

  5. What happened to the 1v1 strategic game in the real time open games? Did you get rid of it?

    If so, where can I find the new quick game feature? Will that have a 1v1 strategic game option?

  6. Also, why are there fewer promoted games? Are there no standard games for coins now? Do you have to create all coin games now?

  7. Am I able to join games with my own mods, if I am not member(currently I am but anyway) cause it would be pretty annoying if I can’t when I am no longer member and on the other hand I could understand that cause everyone could just copy the mods of other players then to bypass the blockade.

  8. The first impression was good. The new outgame page was nice clean, the drop-down menu is convenient. Then I switched to Unity…

    Tried to check some maps, for me the maps in unity looks worst than in flash. It seems like many details lost with the new client, especially in high zoom. The lines seems not vectors anymore but square based objects. Gaps appeared in maps which were gapless before. And also weird thing happened, sometimes simply can not select bonuses and territories, sometimes succeed to select something but not exactly where I clicked.

    I scared and went back to flash. Now its fine but I dare not switch to unity. Every beginning is hard, I cheer for the unity version but it was a relief to see again the maps in flash as it were before.

    I tried in a low config with crappy integrated graphic card, but it not should be a proplem, therefor I will try in other config too.

    1. When making a game, you’ll find a “Commerce game” checkbox under the Army settings. (Make sure you’re in the Unity client as it won’t be there in Flash)

    1. that is my main concern, it runs so smooth using the standalone version compared to the webgl. I have talked to many players already and evry single one complained about unity being super slow :/

  9. It is good the game is progressing, and some of the new features are very welcome.

    However the new UI looks much more busy, colourful and thus more distracting, and often less convenient. Additionaly

    – line spacing is increased, so more scrolling is needed to see stuff

    – user profile pages have unusable layout, data takes only a portion of the screen width on most monitors, and the 3 columns are all the same size, even though they have different amount of data. As a result, in the middle column, the information is split into way too many lines, which combined with increased line spacing makes it really hard to quickly glance at

    – most people only need the game screen (unity or flash) and the multiplayer dashboard to check your games. But it takes a few clicks to get there (as opposed to the main page, which no one really uses), and e.g. top menu is not well-integrated with the game, e.g. open a sub-menu, click on a game, the sub-menu will still be on the screen blocking the view

    Would be nice to at least have a darker less colourful theme (possibly with lower line-spacing as well) which can be enabled in user profile and will be automatically used on every browser you use the game from (it can be done with various userscripts via greasemonkey and alike, but that is too much effort to get basic functionality in place)

  10. The Unity version on Chrome is unacceptably slow to load on Chrome. I don’t care to install another browser. How can I run the non-Unity version of this? I see mention of a standalone client – where can I get that?

  11. Amazing!!! Fizzer you are the best :)

    Is there a way to set the MultiPlayer Tab as default opening instead of the SinglePlayer tab?


  12. Please stop improving warlight.
    Each following update makes it less and less usable.

    It’s a simple game, it’s not going to sell better if you have it on unity with sound effects and cool animations and other bells and whistles. It doesn’t need an economy mode.

    Thank you.

    1. I understand your feelings but there are a lot of factors at play. The servers cost over $1000 per month to keep up, and that money has to come from somewhere or the game would die off. None of us want to see the game die off. Flash is a dying plugin, if it stayed on Flash forever, eventually nobody would be able to play. So simply “stop improving” it would lead to its death.

      Most people like commerce games. I’m surprised you don’t — what don’t you like about them? Regardless, it’s an entirely optional new feature.

      1. I’m just saying if I wanted to play a game with economy and more elaborate combat, I’d play civ or any other turn-based strategy that comes with professionally designed bells and melodic whistles.

        I am mostly just frustrated with decreasing usability. I found the multiplayer dashboard cluttered with information I don’t need (so I never switched to it), and now the design that is significantly less usable than it was – with profile pages that are impossible to read, bad color schemes and no discernable logic in frame composition.

        I am grateful to you for trying to keep the game afloat. I wish there was a way to do it without breaking this simple gem.

  13. I am having problems with how slow my game is on Unity even after downloading Firefox Nightly and it has nearly no difference than how slow it is on Chrome for me. Although I love the commerce games and the aesthetics are an improvement.

  14. Hi,

    I cannot see the chat on the phone version at all; I have checked with a couple of other people and they say the same thing; they can see the chat box blinking at the bottom of the screen but cannot seem to get it to come up so they can view it.

    Sue Friar

  15. I really expected a bit more to be honest. Unity lags more, but that really isn’t what I really dislike. I expected a more intricate and advanced game, with a REAL economy and “international” commerce, raising taxes, tariffs, etc. destroying others economies.

    But all it really is is a glorified point system coincidentally named “gold” and “””cities”””.

    I love warlight, but to really advance the game I think it should evolve more. Also I dislike how the top menus of the dashboard on warzone.com/multiplayer are now to the right; I was used to quickly clicking directly up after “finish turn” to see my list of games.

    As well chat menu has too much wasted empty space and lags more; a lot harder to go back in history and stuff.

    I also agree with the color scheme being off.

    I know i’m saying a lot of bad stuff here, but don’t take this the wrong way, just feedback.

  16. Hey,

    the design looks nice on the screenshots etc. but either I´m too stupid but when I play a multiplayer game it looks identical to the old version.

    Did I miss something? I thought the new warzone 2 is online and playable?


    1. Hey slider,

      You can switch back and forth via the drop down menu in the upper right. Select your name and then “Switch to Unity”

  17. Hey fizzer. I wanted to open tournament with new settings. But the game does not allow me. It saying this.
    \\\\This template uses some settings you haven’t unlocked yet. You can still use the template, but the settings listed below will be reverted to their defaults:\\\Mods//
    I have a lifelong membership and level 65. So, I think I should be able to use mods in tournaments.

  18. I’ve used the Android app for a few days now and from my point of view it’s definitely a step into the right direction!

    While playing I’ve recognized a few obstacles that impair at least my experience with the game.
    Is there a place I should post usability improvement ideas?

    Thanks for the good work, looking forward to see the game evolve!

  19. I can´t play the game on Unity, even on Nightly. It keeps telling me I´ll have to switch to a browser of 64 bit. But, since my edition of Windows 10 is 32 bit, I´ll have to install a new operational system, something I really don´t wanna have the trouble. Is there an option to make Unity compatible with my browser, or I´ll have to keep playing the game only in Flash?

  20. So, normally I would only write a bug report to Fizzer. But I know that other people have similar problems like me (clan) and it could be helpful to others and safe some work for Fizzer posting it here.
    Unfortunately Firefox has updated his version exactly also on 14th. With it they’ve changed the addon system. Old ones had to be replaced by new ones.
    So in the first hours I’ve had a lot of troubles. No access to wl at all. After installing new firefox, new addons I was able to login wl and see dashboard. But no games were accessible. After some experiments I found out that I must disable the addon “Deaktivierungs-Add-on von Google Analytics 1.0.7” for accessing games.
    Now it looks like that:
    – The appearance of the frame incl. menu has changed.
    – Appearance of dashboard and other menu cards has changed a bit.
    – Game is slower, partially very slow (eg. clicking for reinf. in a terrie much tooo long)
    – No other changes! Dont know if its unity but probably not. No request for a download.

    So help wanted

    Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 32bit, Firefox 56.0 32bit

  21. Any update on the iOS app? Will we get any heads up or will it just suddenly be there? Also will it be under the same developer as warlight?

    1. I just submitted it to Apple today (for the second time, the first time it was rejected). I can’t predict when they’ll approve it, so there will be no heads up. It will be the same app, so same developer, yes.

        1. I submitted it to Apple yesterday. If they approve it, then it will be any day now. If they reject it, then it’s anyone’s guess.

  22. When will the update be out for iPhone? I was excited when I saw this update was out, until I realized that it wasn’t out on my phone yet, which is the main way I play.

  23. Hi Fizzer, it’s great to see you moving the game into future to keep it going with the times. I’m a true fan of the game and luv playing it. I use a iPad 2 but with the new war zone update I actually can not play the game. It’s causes extreme lag when selecting any commands and the game will crash usually in under a minute of the app loading. So this is just a heads up that a update for iOS is of immediate priority for you to look at. Thanks Fizzer best of luck.

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