Ending Coin Withdrawals

In two months from the date of this announcement, it will no longer be possible to withdraw WarLight coins into cash.

While I’m sad to see this feature go, it is a necessary change to allow WarLight to move forward.

The last day withdrawing will be allowed is October 15th, 2017. If you have coins you’re planning to withdraw, be sure you do so on or before that date.

Does this mean coins are gone?


While it may seem like a subtle change to simply turn off withdraws, this actually has a big affect on how coins can be used.

It means we can give away coins more freely. This will transform coins from something that only a small percentage of the players use to something everyone can use, not just paying customers.

It means the rules around coins and coin games can be significantly less strict.

It means coins can become much easier to use. Less headache, more fun.

The future is bright

Lots of great things are happening soon. Stay tuned for more announcements!

22 thoughts on “Ending Coin Withdrawals”

  1. Whoa, controversial stuff. For all those players who racked up coins, I guess they’d better turn them into cash soon huh? Also, I’m guessing this means we can no longer buy colors, clans, etc. with coins?

  2. I think you might have a legal issue, and certainly a reputation issue if you prevent people from withdrawing cash who previously had the option of withdrawing cash, and who might not have known about the ending of coin withdrawals in sufficient time.

      1. I would like to that 2 months would be a long enough time…
        but some have been away for a long time…
        and I know from both my own personal experience that many of us procrastinate even the simplest things for reasons that are unclear to even our therapists.

        I also work in a rather extreme customer service retail environment… so everything that I said above…
        times 1000, plus 1000 more. 😛

        hopefully there is a plan to keep a list or make personal attempts to contact people who are eligible.

        I also agree that the withdrawal limits should be relaxed, at least somewhat.
        (No, I don’t think I want to or should be able to withdraw my 100 free coins.)

        1. an alternative would be a new color of coin, say, silver…
          that is mostly, but not completely interchangeable with the gold coins that the game currently uses, and does everything that Fizzer wants coins to do, and then gold coins can either stay the way they are, or be retired to a status of “no new deposits.”

    1. I think in the nature of world wide legal responsibility. The sensible thing to do would be create a new class of coins. Drop a marker of coin ownership on the date of the transition and make all the coins invalid until the user decides what to do with them. Where-as the coin owner has two options,
      1. Convert coins to the new version of warlight coins for use going forward.
      2. With draw coins with a termination date at some point in the distant future, say 1 year to decide, with monthly reminder emails. If your gone from warlight for 1yr. You really dont care about that money.

  3. So, what changes will this bring to the game?
    Are the coins going to be given free? Any conditions for these free coins?
    Players registered earlier to me had 100 coin gift, so will the condition be registration date?

  4. Fizzer does this mean that coin sales and stuff like that are comming? Also I would really like to be able to create team coin games and free entry coin games instead of just tournaments.

    1. Yes, you will still be able to buy the lifetime membership with coins. But you will not be able to win real life money after this change.

  5. So instead of coin games being like actual gambling, they are becoming like a skee ball game where you have to buy the coins, but then you can only use what you win to get the prizes at the prize counter? What are all the options for which coins will be able to be used?

  6. I think it would be a better idea to have two currencies: Coins as they are today. and a non-withdrawable currency that everyone can obtain and use. This means you get all of the benefits of having a non-withdrawable currency without stopping skillful coin game players from making money off the game and taking away the excitement of playing for actual money.

  7. I think Fizzer needs to launch an altcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. The way these things go, WarCoins will be worth $10,000 apiece in a couple years and Fizzer won’t have to handle the “withdrawals” at all.

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