Warzone launch date: November 13th (Monday)!

I’m pleased to announce the release date for the previously announced Warzone launch!

It will go live this Monday, November 13th 2017.

The new website will go live on that day. The Android app should become available within a few hours after that, and the iOS app will probably be available within 3-7 days due to Apple’s slow review process.

In the evening I’ll host a launch party stream on twitch. Hope to see you there!

43 thoughts on “Warzone launch date: November 13th (Monday)!”

  1. Wow – that’s faster than most of us expected :)
    I understand, that this means new features like QM and mods for everyone without need of membership?

    1. Mods will still be a member feature, but Quickmatch, Commerce games, the Unity client, and everything else announced will be available to all.

      1. But do you mean “only members can play games with mods” or “only members can creates games with mods” (like other members-only features)?

        1. Also, is it that only members can create mods, or that only members can create games with mods? (The latter would mean non-members could create mods, but just not create games with them, and the former might mean non-members can create games with mods such a diplomacy games.)

  2. Will we still be able to visit and use the flash pages which are not traceable anymore via the WarLight homepage?
    (Such as lifetime membership or the MyGames pages?)

  3. You know, I am actually excited for the potential this will bring to diplomacy games. Especially the economy feature. I am also happy that the mobile version will be getting a huge boost. Oh, question actually, will the mobile users be able to view links? As in, we don’t have to type out the URL in our browser.

  4. Great news for the game.

    Just here to send the best wishes for the site moving forward and hopefully for a prosperous future! Which will benefit all concerned.

  5. Fizzer i cant wait to see what this game will be like. As a person who uses the ios app very often, im really excited to see the improvements. You’ve definitely go my support.

  6. It will be possible to use 3D axis (xyz) to rotate the maps someday? Do you know about other program to make maps in 3D platform with svg file instead of Inkscape that could be launched in unity version?

  7. It is already 5pm in Germany. I hope fizzer launch the website soon 😀
    Anyways as I heard and read you have done great work fizzer. So thanks for this amazing game.

  8. This is literally the worst thing ever, I really enjoyed playing warlight real-time Auto games and now, I just won;t play at all. This site is terrible and you’ve ruined the game, enjoy the momentous drop in your users. Terrible….

    1. All the real-time games are still there, they’re just in Quickmatch now which is much better :). Give it a shot and if there’s something about the old way that worked better, let me know what it is and I’ll fix it.

  9. For some reason the background music won’t play. I checked my volume on my computer – on. I checked the volume icon and the music icon on the webpage – on + on. When I attack I can hear the sound when my armies move – but I can’t figure out what happened to the background music. Am I missing something.? Thank you.

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