Update 3.7.2: Small update

WarLight was just updated to version 3.07.2! This update improves tournaments a bit more and fixes a few bugs.

Free Public Tournament Creation

It’s now possible to create a public tournament for free when the Open Tournaments list is empty.

The idea behind this is that there should always be at least one tournament available for joining. Instead of creating an auto-tournament like we do for open games, we decided instead to essentially allow the community to create the auto tournament for us. This is better since an auto tournament would have the same settings every time and quickly get boring, whereas the community is great at coming up with new and interesting settings.

You can do this any time the Open Tournaments section is empty. Simply click Create Tournament, Public Tournament, Single Elimination, and note the new option that appears labelled “Entry Fee and Prize, Free to Create”. This will only show up when there are no open tournaments.

Tournaments created with this mode may use any pure-skill settings, must be single-elimination and cannot involve more than 32 players.

Other Changes

– Tournament games now show an icon on the multi-player dashboard that links to the tournament.
– Coin tournament games now show their names in yellow and with a coin icon on the multi-player dashboard.
– Creating real-time tournaments now gives the creator a recommended minimum start date.
– Fixed a bug that made blacklisted players sometimes not show a “B” on the Open Games section of the multi-player dashboard.
– Fixed a bug that made the force-join button appear too early in games with boot times less than 5 minutes.

7 thoughts on “Update 3.7.2: Small update”

  1. Stupid system if you ask me. People will only make tournaments when there are none :P. Make automatic open tournaments, or just make them all free! Custom scenarios should also be free if you ask me.

  2. Except free tournaments was already implemented and it failed miserably. There were hundreds of open tournaments, the majority of which had been effectively abandoned. Far too many people willing to make crappy tournaments that no one wanted to play

  3. – Tournament games now show an icon on the multi-player dashboard that links to the tournament.
    I love this, very nice qol future :)

  4. Whats wrong with my tournaments?When I go to “Tournaments” list everything shows up correctly, but if i want to see each tournament-black screen is answer to me.Whats the matter?If u know, please answer.

  5. Hi,
    i have update suggestion:
    fix the issue that blacklisted players chat is sometimes visible and sometimes hidden.
    It should always be hidden. It happens to me all the time when Gnuffone is in the game, does he got some admin rights or what?
    Best regards

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