10-Second WarLight Games

I just started a Youtube series called 10-Second WarLight games. The idea is to take an entire WarLight game, full of alliances, truces, betrayal and deceit, and condense it down to a 10-second video for your viewing pleasure.

Here are some examples:

Check out all of the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYVtCzKbwqpCCf4I1gfw1Gw/videos.

Which one is your favorite? Be sure to like the ones that are good, so they bubble to the top! More are coming — you can also subscribe if you want notifications when new ones are added.

7 thoughts on “10-Second WarLight Games”

  1. You are an artist!…cool idea to show us the games in different time perspective….like when they speed up those star fish fights.

  2. I really loved these! I think it is really neat to see something which took so long to happen in mere seconds. One thing I would like is if these were just sped down a tiny bit, that way my mind gets the time to predict a winner instead of just trying to take everything in so fast! But I love them keep them coming.

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