Update 3.7.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.07.1! This update overhauls the cost of coin tournaments and makes a bunch of other small improvements to the site.

Coin Tournament Cost

Based on your feedback, we are changing the cost structure of coin tournaments. The new cost system is much simpler, and causes a drastic reduction in the cost to create large/expensive tournaments.

Here is a table that defines the basic cost structure now for a single-elimination tournament:

Players Entry fee Creation cost Prizes
8 50 110 408
16 40 150 632
32 35 250 1096
64 20 350 1304
128 12 500 1628
256 8 600 2118

Creators also have the option to make their tournament more lucrative by increasing the entry fee by any amount up to 50 coins. Unlike before, this won’t increase the creation cost — they stay fixed.

Other Changes

– Force join time is now never shorter than 5 minutes. This means if you play in a ladder or tournament that uses boot times shorter than 5 minutes, such as the real-time ladder, you won’t be able to be force-joined until the game has existed for 5 minutes.
– Increased the tournament invite limits from 8 times the number of players maxing at 1000, to 13 times the number of players maxing at 2000.
– Off-topic forum posts are no longer shown on the multi-player dashboard.
– Renamed the “Dashboard” page to simply Community, since it’s the default page you see when you click Community. This avoids it being confused with the multi-player dashboard.
– Renamed the single-player main menu page to Level Select.
– The coin leaderboard now goes dark for the final 48 hours instead of the final 24.
– Tournaments now show who created them on the My Tournaments page.
– The cost to create a tournament is now repeated on the final step.
– All players must now validate their email address after reaching level 10.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Manage Friends List page to time out.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Open Tournaments section to show a “+ show more” link when there were no more.
– Fixed a bug that made real-time tournaments advertise their start date incorrectly.
– Fixed a bug that made inviting to a tournament by clan show players who had been invited to that clan but not accepted.
– Fixed a bug that made the footer overlap the content on the clan forum page.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if entering a non-integer into the bulk remove friends tool.

Please let us know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Update 3.7.1: Small update”

  1. “All players must now validate their email address after reaching level 10.”

    Meaning they can’t play until this is done or what are the implication of it? I’m assuming this was a way to deter more alts being created/used as now, a separate email would need to be created as well.

  2. I cannot post on the forums or even report a bug about it. Is something broke? Anyway, can’t put this anywhere else so I am trying here.

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