April fools!

Yesterday, visitors to WarLight.net may have seen some phantom chat messages appear in their games. There were ten messages that could have appeared:

  • Have you heard about the Nuke Card?
  • Have you heard about the Time Travel Card coming in the next update?
  • Why did you start in that spot, I would have started on the other side.
  • Did you hear that?
  • Which do you like more, the nuke or time travel card?
  • What is your favorite map?
  • Huh, Why not?
  • I think green or blue was the one! *wink*
  • What are you thinking about right now?
  • Another day, another game. How about you?

A message would only appear when a game was first loaded, only 25% of the time, and only if there was not any other pending chat in that game. A random message from the list above was chosen. When a message appeared, it only appeared on your local computer — nobody else could see it, and if you refreshed your browser it would not appear again.

Now that April 1st is over, the phantom messages will no longer appear. All messages you see are real messages that were typed by a person.

Happy April fools!

9 thoughts on “April fools!”

  1. The best thing was that the massages also appeared in “archived” games. So even though no-one can chat, you’d see spooky messages 😀

  2. That “Huh, Why not?” seriously threw me for a loop because a friend and I were working on a diplo scenario, and when that ghoster appeared, we spent a good hour (over the course of several days, counting only time on) trying to figure out what had happened.

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