Update 3.5: Coin leaderboard, alternate colors

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.05.0! This update brings improvements to coin games, adds an alternate colors feature, and other improvements. This post will explain everything that changed.

Coin Leaderboard

WarLight now has a leaderboard that keeps track of who wins the most at coin games. Best of all, the leaderboard awards prizes to the top ten participants every three weeks:

  • 1st place: 15,000 coins ($150)
  • 2nd place: 7,000 coins ($70)
  • 3rd place: 2,500 coins ($25)
  • 4th place: 1,500 coins ($15)
  • 5th place: 1,300 coins ($13)
  • 6th place: 1,000 coins ($10)
  • 7th place: 1,000 coins ($10)
  • 8th place: 500 coins ($5)
  • 9th place: 500 coins ($5)
  • 10th place: 500 coins ($5)

Every three weeks, the leaderboard pays out these prizes, and then resets so that everyone has an equal chance at winning the next set of prizes. These prizes create a huge opportunity for players to earn even more money from coin games.

It’s important to understand that the leaderboard only tracks how many coins each player wins from coin games. It is not affected by losses. Therefore, it doesn’t really show how many coins each player has.

At any time, you can visit the leaderboard page to see who is winning. However, the final 24 hours before prizes are given out, the ratings are hidden. This creates suspense so you don’t know who’s going to win until the final second. While hidden, the leaderboard will simply show how many coins each player won when they were first hidden, and no longer update.

Alternate Colors

On the Change Color page, you can now set an alternate color in addition to your primary color. After you set an alternate color, if you attempt to join a game where your primary color is taken by another player, the game will simply automatically use your alternate color. If neither color is available, you’ll be prompted to pick as you are now.

Map of the week auto game

There’s a new auto game available in the Open Games section that will always be played on the current map of the week! Auto games are games created by website, instead of by a player, so they’re always available under the Open Games section.

The new auto game is an FFA available both in real-time and multi-day variants. This replaces the double earth auto game.

Other Changes

– The four castles 4-player FFA coin game no longer hides the names of players in the lobby.
– The high-stakes coin games are now multi-day instead of real-time. If you are interested in playing a high-stakes games, you can simply join and then wait for the e-mail telling you that an opponent has joined.
– When using no-luck cyclic move order, the speed that each player commits is no longer shown in the players panel until after the first turn.
– When using no-luck cyclic move order, it is no longer possible for spectators to see the map distribution until after the first turn. Additionally, the thumbnail that appears in the My Games section is no longer generated until after the first turn.
– When using no-luck cyclic move order in a team game, the collective speed of the team is now the slowest player on that team instead of the average speed of the team.
– When using no-luck cyclic move order, the “You will get x-th order” indicator no longer includes players who are out of the game.
– The Past Game page simply hides the boot time on archived games, instead of stating incorrectly that they were 0-minute boot.
– Adjusted coin deposit options.
– Fixed a bug that caused the “Recall last game” and “Recall last tournament” buttons to be mis-placed.

19 thoughts on “Update 3.5: Coin leaderboard, alternate colors”

  1. The alternate-colors feature does not appear to work for me. The old dialog to choose your color still appears when I try to join a game that already has my primary color (blue) in it, even when my secondary color (dark gray) is not present. This is true for both multi-day and real-time games. I already tried signing out and back in again, that did not work.

    1. I will look into this. Can you tell me if you’re joining an open game or a game you were invited to? Thanks for reporting it.

        1. The following did not work either (this time involving an invited game):

          I switched the color of my alt account to the same color as my primary account (blue), then changed the secondary color of my alt account to dark gray again, then signed out of my alt account. Then I used my primary account to invite my alt account to a game. When I tried to join the game with my alt account, again the dialog box appeared.

          So it appears that open games are not the problem.

          The color settings are also being saved properly (if I log out and back in, they stay in place). Also, the color choosing box appeared on the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome, so browser should not be the problem either.

          1. Unfortunately, the alternate color still does not seem to work. Is anyone else having the problem or is it just me?

            I also tried testing on Internet Explorer, and after clearing browser cache/history/cookies/etc., neither worked. I additionally tried making a new WL account, and seeing if that one would work with the alternate colors, but it worked neither when invited to a game or when playing in an open seat.

            In a perhaps-related issue, there doesn’t appear to be a setting for no alternate color; if you haven’t specified such a color (e.g. with my new account), one (in this case Orange Red) was assigned anyway. This is a relatively minor point since most people will want alternate colors anyway, but it might be related to the above (more important) issue.

  2. hmm…. so if you win alot of coin games, you get a huge boost of coins.. to let you win a bunch of coin games over the next set… rinse repeat..

    1. I think coin tournaments and the leaderboard complement each other quite well. Since winning a coin tournament would vault you up the leaderboard, it’s very appealing.

  3. * Any reason why the multi-day auto game has only a 1d boot? I could live with 2 days, but 1 day is really short. :-(

    * I got a random colour in a game that I got force-joined even though my opponent didn’t even have my primary colour! Is this possibly a consequence of the alternate colour problem reported above? (will file a bug report after my opponent tells me his colour(s), never know he has just changed them.) Either way I should have gotten mine as I am the higher level player…

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