Season XVIII

Congrats to Gol D. Roger for winning Season XVII!

Season XVIII will be played on the Snow Mountains map:

You can check out the template using these links: Single-player, multi-player.

The season begins on Friday (click the link to see the exact start time in your own timezone, or a countdown).

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Season XVIII”

  1. Would have been nice to actually have posted this before making games. Now i have 4 games and i am not sure i want to play the ladder at all. Please give us notice first.

  2. Chris, this was posted almost 24 hours in advance. It’s your own damn fault.

    Also, this map looks really sweet, really looking forward to this season’s ladder!

    1. 24 hours? Not everyone is on every day, and the mobile app does not show blog posts or even the forum. I have been saying auto join is a bad idea for years

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