Update 3.6: Jump to top/bottom order buttons, clan forum preview

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.06.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Jump to top/bottom order buttons

When moving orders up/down in the order list, there are two new buttons that allow moving orders directly to the very top or bottom of the list:

Clicking the double up or double down arrow buttons is equivalent to clicking the up or down arrow buttons an infinite number of times. This saves a lot of time in games where you have lots of orders, as it could be time consuming to move orders up one at a time.

Order List Multi-Select

This is not a new feature, but as long as we’re talking about re-arranging your orders in the orders list, I thought I’d highlight a feature that a lot of people don’t know exist: The orders list allows you to select multiple orders at a time. When building your turn, this is useful to delete or visualize many orders at once, and it can also make moving orders around easier.

To do this, simply hold the Control key down and click on multiple orders. You’ll notice they all become highlighted, both in the orders list and on the map. This makes it easy to visualize them all at once on the map.

If you want to select many orders in a row, select the top order and hold Shift when clicking the lower order.

While multiple orders are selected, you can delete them all with the X, or move them up/down as a group.

Clan Forum Preview

If you’re in a clan, you’ll notice that there’s a new section on the multi-player dashboard that shows recent forum posts in your clan forum. This makes it easier to keep track of your clan’s forum without having to open its page manually.

Other Changes

– When the website home page is accessed from an Android device, it now gives a link directly to the app.
– Viewing a teammates orders before clicking Begin in a no-luck cyclic game no longer produces an error message.

13 thoughts on “Update 3.6: Jump to top/bottom order buttons, clan forum preview”

  1. I was on the clan forum page and the stuff at the bottom of the page (Contact | About WarLight | Play Risk Online | Multiplayer Strategy Game | Challenge Friends, Win Money | Skill Game | Terms of Service) was in the middle and was blocking on of the forums

  2. This is such a great update! I mostly play huge maps, so the jump to top/bottom order buttons will save me minutes per turn.

    1. I would really love to see the jump buttons on mobile though. That is where moving orders REALLY sucks when you have a big list of them.

  3. Can you please tell PayPal to accept iTunes gift cards, I wanted to make a clan for a while, and I finally got $20 to get a clan. However I can’t do that because PayPal won’t accept that. I will take action on this because me, and the people who want to make this clan are going to get really ticked now that we wasted our time with this idea. We will take action unless the iTunes gift cards can be made into coins. Please do this because this is unfair, and our clan members will take action about this.

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