Update 3.4: Banking boot clock

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.04.0! This update introduces two new features to make banking boot timers more transparent.

Two Clocks

When playing a real-time game that uses Banking Boot Times, there will now be two clocks in the upper right corner instead of one:

This makes it obvious how much of the remaining time belongs to the fixed portion of each turn versus the time you have stored in your bank. The previous single clock used to simply show these two numbers added together, which made it more difficult to tell if you were consuming banked time versus each turn’s fixed portion.

Player Boot Clocks (experimental)

Also when playing a real-time game that uses Banking Boot Times, a new experimental option is available that will show how much time each player has banked under their name in the lower right hand corner:

If you want to try it out, you can enable it on the Settings tab.

Misc Changes

– MP Dashboard: Forum posts now provide a link directly to the last page, if the thread is on multiple pages.
– MP Dashboard: Flipped the columns so the primary one is on the left.
– Added a footer across the entire site, mostly for SEO purposes.

10 thoughts on “Update 3.4: Banking boot clock”

  1. The top menu is no longer diplayed on most sites including opening a game. Also after previous update the “reopen last game”/”reopen last tournament” button is gone. Is this a bug or is this an itroduction to an upcoming fullscreen interface?

    1. Can you send me a screenshot of the missing top menu? It’s not missing for me.

      Recall Last Tournament should still work just like it did before. Recall Last Game was removed for Multi-player in the previous update (it still exists for Single Player).

      1. I got the same problem. I don’t know where to send the screenshot, but right now, navigating between different games is tedious, as I have to manually go back to the Multiplayer-Page after I am done with a game.

  2. The MP Dashboard looks much better now :)
    (The “Recent blog tab” is slightly lower than the “my games tab” btw)

    I also noticed the nice new tabs at the very bottom of every page, was that also in this update or did I just not notice it earlier :p?

    1. Thanks, I’ll fix the mis-alignment in the next update. The new bottom tabs is called the footer and was mentioned at the bottom of the blog post.

  3. Nice update. I feel like the new message on the MP dashboard doesn’t stand out enough. With so many icons being green, the text is not that obvious (unlike the red of it telling you it is your turn). Maybe use a blue for unread messages? It would stand out more against the green settings icons.

  4. The new update with the mp dashboard doesn’t look right with a high resolution screen (2560×1600) it’s too far left. It doesn’t even use half of my screen. I think the best would be to make it center itself whatever the resolution is.

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