Update 3.3.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.03.1! This update fixes a few small bugs and makes improvements to the multi-player dashboard page. Here’s what’s changed:

– Added “Active games where you are not eliminated” to My Games filters and MP Dashboard
– MP Dashboard: Added (F5) after the refresh button, to show that it can be activated with F5 as a hotkey.
– MP Dashboard: Moved the refresh button to be above the ad, if ads are enabled.
– MP Dashboard: Shows up to 15 games without clicking +more if on the real-time tab.
– MP Dashboard: Don’t show blog posts older than a month.
– MP Dashboard: Reduced font sizes.
– MP Dashboard: Added links to create game and create coin games pages.
– MP Dashboard: Added a big dot over the boxes for players who haven’t yet taken their turn.
– MP Dashboard: Show the number of “my games” in parenthesis next to it.
– Moved the My Games and Open Games tabs to the right.
– Fixed a bug that caused the information line to be missing from the Open Games tab.
– Fixed a bug when viewing the settings of a single-player game that caused the “Boot/Surrender” header to appear.

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