Update 2.8: Country flags

WarLight has just been upgraded to version 2.08.0! This update adds flags onto profiles that show you where a player plays from, and makes a few small fixes and improvements.

Country Flags

When viewing a player’s profile, WarLight now shows a flag next to their name indicating which country of the world they play from. This allows you to see where your opponents are located. You can hover your mouse over the flag to see the name of the country.

The country for every player is automatically determined based on the IP they access WarLight from.

For now, the flags are only available when playing on the website at WarLight.net. The flags will appear in the Android / iOS clients in a future app update.

“Last seen” on profiles

Player’s profiles now have a line that says “last seen”, and indicates how recently they accessed any part of WarLight.

This replaces the old “inactive for” line. The old line only appeared once a player was inactive for more than a few days, and this activity was only based on how recently they entered orders into a multi-player game. That meant it was very inaccurate for people who didn’t play multi-player, such as those who only played single-player or only chatted on the forums.

Other Changes

– Fixed a bug that caused the left and right history buttons to be cut off in some operating systems.
– When banking boot times are enabled for a real-time game, if the bank percentage is 0% and you have no banked time left, the clock will revert back to its normal mode of counting down even after you commit your turn.
– Fixed a bug that caused round-robin tournaments to not create games in some circumstances where it could have.

15 thoughts on “Update 2.8: Country flags”

  1. Awesome addition!

    Do the flags update only when the player comes online again? Two players I’ve checked have shown no flag on their profile.

  2. A flag based on IP? You serious? Personally I think it may be harmful. WL was quite international the way it was. Give at least option to players for: a/ not showing the flag, or b/ setting the flag manually! And I would be happy if any of these options comes asap, even better yesterday.

    1. You think someone may know who YOU are, just because of a countries flag? 😉 You’re still anonymous. :-) Give at least one (1) simple reason to not show a flag.

      The only thing I see is, that it should be possible to overwrite the flag, as the geoIP-stuff doesn’t work correctly in all cases (see next answer). This way you could still prepend to live in another country – so no one will ever find you. :-)

      1. One reason: we are from a country that mistreats us to the point of intended ethnocide.

        Therefore, having to bear the flag of the said country is a humiliation.

        Can I now change my flag to the Esperanto or UN one?

  3. Based on IP ? so how it’s possible that I have a Dutch flag while I am playing from Poland ? Is there any way to change it ?

  4. Hi fizzer,

    great to hear about the new stuff! 😎 Do you still maintain uservoice.com? Or is that a dead end?

    This topic is completed now: http://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/1141917-identify-players-by-their-country-with-a-flag-next

    There are also many other, “quick win” features, e. g. rankings in a round robin tournament which did not come for years: http://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/1939063-display-the-standings-in-round-robin-tournaments

    Of course I’m pretty sure you have more than enough issues to work on. Just thought about the uservoice forum and the round robin thing some days ago.

    Best and keep it up,

  5. This is a violation of privacy and broadcasting confidential information without consent. It is not as severe as eg. publicizing exact IP addresses, but i don’t think payed members agreed anywhere that the owner of warlight.net will share the info they have with the public.

    It is a nice feature, but HAS to be optional, or people should be able to pick their flag. There are countries out there, which hate each other, are at war, or have recently been – take israel-palestine, or croatia-serbia for example – and forcing the people to publicize the flags may build animosities, and even if it doesn’t it still may be againt people’s will, which may even be considered a crime.

    1. “This is a violation of privacy and broadcasting confidential information without consent.”

      I agree. I was excited about the ladder polls. So I was going to buy membership soon to play ad-free and support Fizzer. Then the flag update happened and there are no options to change the flag. Personal preferences (nationality, privacy) should outweigh physical location (IP address). Now I won’t buy a membership and just deal with the ads.

  6. I’d love for the country flag to be hidden as well. Is it for privacy on my part? No.
    Being afraid of being hated on due to the country I live in? No.
    Being afraid of people insisting on speaking my native language to me, despite me telling them not to do so? Yes. This last part already happened.

    The flag can be majorly disruptive due to people speaking foreign languages in lobbies, where it’s just annoying any possible other players.

      1. Yes, foreign does change depending on location, but going by this meaning, I meant any Non-English language. As I think we can all agree that English is the major language on the Internet.

        Heck, I’m not a native English speaker, yet I would count my native language as foreign. Internet = English, unless the target audience (including the written text) of a website itself is different.

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