Poll for changes to the ladders

WarLight is running a poll on changes to its ladders! All players who are eligible to join any of the ladders can vote.

Vote here!

All questions on the poll are optional, so you can vote for ones you care about and leave the rest blank, if you wish.

If you don’t have access to the poll, but are interested in what the questions are, you can see them in the top post of this thread.

This poll only covers changes to the existing ladders. Adding new ladders will be done in a separate poll at some point in the future.

Please vote just once. You can’t edit your responses, so feel free to think over your votes thoroughly before making them! The poll will stay open for at least a week, and any changes to the ladders will be announced at least a week before they take effect so you have a chance to practice any new settings.

You can discuss the poll in this thread if you’d like to sway players to your point of view.

The responses will be posted on WarLight ladder forum. Happy voting!

4 thoughts on “Poll for changes to the ladders”

  1. The only question, that rise my doubts is the one about blockade card (specially in 2v2 ladder). In my opinion multiplication depends on the template and map. Big maps can do well with smaller blockades, while small ones (like current 2v2 ladder template) works fine with x5 blockade IMO.

    Will we be able to see pool results?

  2. If/when changes to the ladders are implemented.. Will the ladders be reset?

    It’d be kinda weird of they didn’t if there are major changes like a change of map.

  3. I still think more discussion on the ladder rating system is important. most will vote without really knowing which is better (perhaps a 3rd option, like chess ELO is better).

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