Multi-player WarLight on Kongregate

WarLight just launched on!

This is a scaled-back version of WarLight intended to attract new players to the game. You can view it here:

If you have a Kongregate account, it would help a lot if you’d pop over and give the game a rating.

Back in 2011, a single-player version of WarLight launched on Kongregate to great success — it attracted a lot of new players to the game. This just included the six main single-player levels as well as the ability to create custom single-player levels.

This time, players can play multi-player games right on It also contains the single-player levels, and has more features and a better interface than the 2011 version.

It’s worth noting that the games are kept separate — Kongregate players can never play in the same game as a player on and vice versa. However, some Kongregate players may decide to switch over to to take advantage of the additional features and maps available there.

5 thoughts on “Multi-player WarLight on Kongregate”

  1. I have a kong account however, its not letting me log on and I have tried to get my password resent. Unfortunately, it says that my e-mail address is incorrect.

  2. Sweet :)

    Also, I saw that in the “Usability tips” it recommended zooming in your browser to get more screen space. This however makes the menus etc look off, Instead you should recommend the Cinematic Mode (top left), although the menus still look off it is much easier for the user 😉

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